You can now disable Bixby: Samsung added disable button in the Galaxy S8


One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + and Note 8 is the support of the proprietary voice assistant Bixby. Koreans for it. Samsung first introduced the Bixby voice assistant earlier this year on the Galaxy S8, even with a singled out separate key with a dedicated button on the handset. Samsung has packed in a ton features to make Bixby the ‘go-to’ virtual assistant for every possible activity whether it be searching on the Internet, swiping pages or take photos without touching the screen. As at this stage, the voice functions support only English and Korean languages, the highlighted button is the fifth wheel, bringing only inconveniences.

However, it is also regarded as a bloatware by some, which is why Samsung listened to the users and in the new update Bixby added the option to disable the button. Samsung has now made it possible to disable Bixby on supported handsets. Activating this option in the smart assistant settings, pressing the highlighted key will not call the widget page. At the same time, the option of voice typing with long press remains active. The ability to assign a different function instead of Bixby is not and probably will not. Localized Bixby for most Africa Countries user should be ready by 2018.


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