Will Nokia 9 Come With Curved Screen?


Team Baidu Nokibar, known for reliable leakage on the upcoming smartphone Nokia, published an approximate rendering of Nokia 9 from two sides. Earlier we were allowed to look only at the rear panel of the novelty, but now we saw the front. The device will receive a curved screen with minimal frames left and right, but quite noticeable indentations from above and below. The Nokia logo will move from the right edge of the top step to the bottom of the front panel. In general, the device is similar to the Huawei Mate 9 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Note 2, except that the fingerprint scanner is behind it. After the publication of the renderer, the author admitted that he forgot to draw the onscreen navigation keys. How do you see this flagship design if eventually its the adopted design of the next Nokia9 by HMD Global?

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Nokia 9


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