Why I Still Wait iPhone X and do not Buy iPhone 8


Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from September 15 to start pre-order, some users can start using the next two days after the new phone is released. iPhone X will have to wait until the end of October to start pre-order, I think there is a division of consumers in the tangled to buy the new phone or directly waiting for iPhone X to buy. Then the iPhone X worth waiting for? Watin buy iPhone X reason is what?
Forbes website writer Tony Bradley shared why he did not buy iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus while waiting for iPhone X idea, after contrast iPhone X is the most appropriate choice.

The article reads as follows:

I want to buy a new iPhone, so I am eager to wait for Apple to confirm the authenticity of those rumors and Apple retail stores to provide the spot. I did not expect to buy both iPhone 8 and
iPhone X two phones, in my opinion, my next smartphone only iPhone X.
To be declared in advance, I am using the iPhone without any problems. It is a 128GB capacity iPhone 6s; I recently found its battery life is not ideal, but overall the phone is still perfect. I just want to upgrade the hands of the device, because I skipped the iPhone 7, and feel the hands of the equipment is outdated. Besides, my son is using the 16GB iPhone 6s; he wanted me to upgrade so that he can use my 128GB version of the iPhone 6s.

I was more inclined to use the “moderate” way to upgrade, buy an iPhone 8 is enough. iPhone 8 and iPhone 6s size and weight roughly the same, only slightly heavier than the previous generation iPhone 7. They also have the same screen pixel resolution and Touch ID fingerprint recognition sensor. Compared to iPhone 6s, iPhone 8 improvements are: with waterproof features; the screen brightness is higher, the camera supports optical image stabilization, there is a 7 million pixel front camera. However, the most important difference is that the iPhone 8 equipped with an A11 bionic processor, support for wireless charging, and I want the 256GB capacity models.

One of the things I used to do most with the iPhone is to take pictures, so camera image quality has become one of the main considerations. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X camera better than the iPhone 8, they are equipped with dual cameras, support up to 10 times the digital zoom and 2x optical zoom.
In fact, I also used an iPhone 6s Plus for some time, did not fall in love with it. In my opinion, iPhone 6s Plus is too big, not fit in the pocket; there are points difficult to single-handed operation. I soon abandoned it, switch to slightly smaller iPhone 6s. So I do not want the iPhone 8 Plus.
iPhone X volume is only slightly larger than the iPhone 8, but because of the use of borderless full-screen design, and thus larger visual display area. iPhone X with OLED display, 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution, 458 PPI.

I am on the iPhone X face recognition technology on the sidelines, compared with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it seems not so practical, not safe enough. Apple’s “rhetoric” function did not impress me, with the face to simulate the animal or robot demeanor feeling a bit stupid.
iPhone X impressive on the other hand, Apple is equivalent to the Microsoft Kinect camera into the iPhone, Apple’s “TrueDepth” camera can scan more than 30,000 invisible points, and then create an impressive Face scan. I have been using Windows Hello face recognition to log into Surface Pro; I like it.

I do not want to wait for more than a month and do not want to waste money for most of the features that do not have access to it, but I can not hold the iPhone 8 Plus. I want a better phone camera function, and iPhone 8 Plus is not in the range, so can only buy iPhone X.


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