Why do Cockroaches like to Live in PlayStation 4?


Ironically, the PlayStation 4 is a favorite habitat for cockroaches also called roaches. Insects like cockroach love to settle in game consoles, turning them into real cockroach hotels. Among the problems faced by the owners of PlayStation 4, you can note not only interruptions with Wi-Fi and PlayStation Network but also a strange love for the game consoles by cockroaches.

According to information from the experts of the XCubicle service center in New York, at least one unfortunate gamer appeals to them every week, in whose console the bothersome insects got wound up. The problem was so widespread that the owner of the service Patrick Che even included cleaning the attachments from the cockroaches in the list of services. The company has a special cockroach trash bag, where all insects taken from the consoles are parked.

cockroache in PlayStation 4

According to some employees of the service, half of the PlayStation 4 which get to the company for repair, is infected with roaches. At times, This same issue also occurs in Microsoft Xbox One, but this is much less common compared to the PlayStation 4. For mysterious reasons, insects like the gaming consoles, Expecialy does from Sony.

So, why do cockroaches like PlayStation 4?

First, the console is often installed in dark enclosed spaces, which are so fond of cockroaches. Secondly, the ventilation holes are located on the top panel of the device, which makes it easier for insects to go inside, compared to other consoles. The ventilation holes in the PlayStation 4 are of larger size, so it’s easier for insects to get through them. Also, the console heats up more than others, and cockroaches, as you know, adore cushy little places. 

PlayStation 4 roaches

Unfortunately, the warranty does not apply to cleaning the PlayStation 4 from cockroaches, and gamers have to turn for help services. As a rule, cleaning from cockroaches involves getting rid of cockroaches excrement, adhered to the battery.
Interestingly, often the owners of “cockroach hotels” even have no idea why their consoles stopped working. The device just stops working, and no one knows that the whole to blame is a roast on a cockroach. If you do not want to have an animal in your prefix.

How to get Roaches out or Keep off My PS4? 

In cities, anywhere dark and warm runs the big risk of hosting the horrible Periplaneta Americana (cockroach). And it important to mensuing that, most consoles are lied down horizontally in dark or enclosed areas, like media centers, so they’re pretty welcoming to the little COC MASTERS. We recommend that you keep your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 slim and other gaming consoles (xbox, ps4 slim) in an open, bright and well-ventilated place. Regular cleaning will also be useful.


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