What are the most popular crypto-currencies?


Reasons to love crypto currency are many. In addition to the substantial growth in rates last year, there is also relative freedom from state control and low transfer fees. American journalists interviewed representatives of different generations and learned their preferences in coins.

Which Cryptocurrency is better. The version of Americans

A thousand residents of the United States were interviewed by representatives of LendEDU, Forbes reports. In one of the questions, the respondents were asked what they would have invested 10 thousand dollars.

Results differed significantly depending on age. 9.19 percent of millennials (18 to 34 years), 4.04 percent of generation X (from 35 to 54 years) and 3.08 percent of respondents aged 55 years were chosen for the Crypt.
Then the millennials were asked to choose a coin to which they would invest. 76 percent voted for Bitcoin. By 12 percent, Ephirium and Lightcoin left. Ripple did not score a single voice.

The average for all age groups is as follows: 66.67 percent for Bitcoin, 15.69 percent for the Etherium, 9.8 percent for Lightcoyne and 1.96 percent, and Ripple. 5.88 percent of respondents gave their votes to other coins.

By the way, the most popular investment option was real estate. It was chosen 13.5 percent from a thousand. It turns out, crypto currencies have much to grow even in America, so there is still a reserve for development.


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