Vivo Black – a new line of premium BBK flagships (exclusive)


Currently, the Vivo range of smartphones consists of four lines: the budget series Y, the medium-budget collection V (focused mainly on foreign markets, in particular, with the V-series Vivo comes to Russia), the pre-flagship X line and the top Xplay devices. 

As we learned, in the near future the top-end series will change its name. In place of the line Vivo Xplay comes Vivo Black. For whatever reasons, the company decided to rename the line, we do not know how or do not know what the meaning of BBK puts in the new name of the flagship series. 
Perhaps, smartphones will be released only in black, although it’s a bit like Vivo. Apparently, the first smartphone Vivo Black will appear on the market in the first half of next year. Currently, the flagship of the brand is Xplay6, whose characteristics can be seenby this link .

Vivo Black


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