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Video: Dismantled and assembled Google Pixel 2

The popular blogger JerryRigEverything conducted a second study on Google Pixel 2 (tests for strength here ). This time, the internal architecture of the novelty was tested. Recall, his colleagues from iFixit relatively highly appreciated Pixel 2 XLby the criterion of maintainability, but what will Zak say?

Dismantled and assembled Google Pixel 2

At first, he confirmed that it was not easy to remove the display and start disassembly due to the fact that the display module is very thin. At the same time, unlike competitors, much heat was not required for extraction. The second important point – you need to be careful when you disconnect the loop from the display. Having removed the protective plate, a complete picture of the components was opened. He emphasized the simplicity of removing the battery (despite the absence of a special tape), a liquid sealant to provide waterproofing USB-C, optical stabilization of the image on the main camera. Most components and boards are unfastened “as a small LEGO”, so it’s not difficult for a professional to disassemble and assemble Pixel 2. All the details on the video: 



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