UPDATE: Best Streaming Video Services 2016


  Days when You have to buy expensive discs in order to watch your favorite shows and movies are gone. Now the Online streaming makes it possible to watch everything from live news and sports to classic movies to modern TV favorites any where on your own time, and on any streaming capable device you can lay your hands on.

There are a ton of streaming services out there, and no two are alike. YouTube is probably the best place to start, but there’s a whole Web full of content beyond the ubiquitous streaming site, ranging from movies to TV shows to music videos and more. To help you get the most out of your smart TV, game console, set-top box, tablet, smartphone or computer, Tom’s Guide has broken down our favorite streaming media services. Whatever you like to watch, there’s a service with your tastes in mind, and in your price range.

Netflix: Best Overall Streaming Service

The good:

Excellent selection

Optimized interface

Good recommendation system

The bad:

More expensive than other services

Titles come and go frequently

Limited brand-new content

Amount: $9/month Netflix

Hulu Plus: Best Streaming Service for Network TV

The good:

Great selection of current TV


Quality original programming

The bad:

Frequent commercials

Subpar movie selection

Cumbersome interface

Amount: $8/month Hulu Plus

Amazon Prime Instant Video: Best Streaming Service for Families

The good:

Wide content selection

Included with other Prime benefits

Good original shows

The bad:

Rarely gets brand-new videos

Annual subscription only (no monthly option)

A la carte content costs extra

Amount: $99/year Amazon

Sling.TV: Best Cable TV Replacement

The good:

Much cheaper than cable

Wide breadth of content

No contract required

The bad:

More expensive than most streaming services

Limited on-demand content (and none for ESPN)

Can watch on only one device at a time

Amount: $20/month Sling.TV

PlayStation Vue: Best for PlayStation Owners

The good:

Huge channel selection

No contracts

Strong DVR capabilities

The bad:

Not compatible with many devices

About as expensive as cable

Not available in most areas

Amount: $50/month PlayStation Store

Crackle: Best Streaming Service for Vegging Out

The good:


Amusing content

Good variety of videos

The bad:

Lots of commercials

Content skews cheesy

Videos rotate very frequently

Free on Crackle

Funny or Die: Best Streaming Service for Comedy Fans

The good:

Hilarious videos

Costs nothing

Great celebrity cameos

The bad:

Nothing of substance to watch

Irregular updates

Not available on many streaming devices

Free on Funny or Die

Twitch: Best Streaming Service for Gamers

The good:

Free to watch or stream

Huge variety of games

Real-time interaction with hosts

The bad:

Relatively few quality streams

Difficult to navigate

Community can be unpleasant

Free on Twitch

Vevo: Best Streaming Service for Music Fans

The good:

Great selection

Free to watch anything

Only dedicated music video service

The bad:

Not many long-form videos

Mostly hip-hop and pop

Navigation isn’t great

Free on Vevo

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