“Time Traveler” Luka_Magnotta four years ago predicted a price of $ 10,000 for Bitcoin in 2017. What else did he “warn” us?


In August 2013 on the super popular site of Reddit appeared the post of user Luka_Magnotta, who called himself a time traveler. He claimed that he was sending a message from 2025 to warn about what the integration of the crypto-currency into the economy would lead to. The author leads the courses of the first and the foremost Bitcoin cryptocurrency: $ 1,000 in 2015 (in fact Bitcoin cost about $ 250 a coin at that time) and $ 10,000 in 2017. This “prediction” came true: in mid-November, Bitcoin reached $ 10,000, and today he overcame the mark of 11,000.

Luka_Magnotta the Time Traveler

The overall picture that the hero of the post draws is very gloomy: the economy does not develop, and the rich live in Citadels – protected “cities.” The least fortunate for the inhabitants of Africa – the government tried to transfer the population to the bitcoins and distributed to all mobile phones, but those who hacked criminals from Russia stole 60% of the money, and thereby introduced the continent into chaos and civil wars. The author himself calls himself a participant in underground resistance, preparing an attack on the Internet infrastructure and in general all computers.

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We give our translation of this “message,” close to the original, including the stylistics. But it is better to get acquainted with the starting post. And the last thing: it’s just a post on the Internet.

I’m writing this message from 2025. Here everything looks grim, and the hands of some of you will be in the blood. If you do not believe me, please go further, because I can not prove to you that I am really what I call myself.

I do not want to waste your time, so I’ll just explain what happened. On average, every year until now Bitcoin’s cost has increased approximately ten-fold. From $ 0.1 in 2010 to $ 1 in 2011 to $ 10 in 2012 and to $ 100 in 2013. Since then, there has been a slight slowdown: the cost has grown tenfold every two years to $ 1,000 in 2015, to 10,000 in 2017 and maybe 100,000 in 2019 and 1,000,000 in 2021. 

After that, there was no longer any suitable way to express the price of Bitcoin in dollars, since the dollar was no longer used, as none of the currencies that the central banks were issuing. In the modern world, there are two main forms of wealth: land and crypto currency.

Now more than 19 million bitcoins are used in the world, and a few hundred thousand have been lost forever, and today we still have a population of just over 7 billion people. This means that the average person owns a little less than 0.003 bitcoin. However, because of the uneven distribution of wealth in my world, the average person has only 0.001 bitcoins. Yes, most of you reading this are rich today. I live next to an annoying young man who, two years ago, logged into an account with Reddit and found that in 2013 he was transferred 0.01 bitcoin, for the fact that he called someone at the age of 16 a fagot. Upon learning of this, he bought a ticket for the plane, silently left home and went to the Citadel.

You may wonder: “What is the Citadel?” Well, by the time when bitcoin began to cost $ 1000, services began to appear for “bitcoin rich” to protect themselves and their wealth. At first there were expensive safes, and then bodyguards were added, and today the “early” (our term for those who joined the business earlier than the others), as well as those rich people whose wealth survived the “transition”, live in isolated closed cities called “Citadels” “, Where most of the work is automated. Most of these Citadels were born from the fortifications used to protect the places where the bitmaker machines are located. The company that you know as ASICminer is known to me as a city where Mr. Friedman rules like a king.

In my world, which will soon become your world, most governments no longer exist, since Bitcoin’s transactions are anonymous, and therefore most governments can not collect taxes from their citizens. Most of Bitcoin’s success is because Bitcoin proved to be an effective method to hide your wealth from the government. At that time people who went to such states as Luxemburg, Monaco, and Liechtenstein were followed by drones so that governments knew who hides wealth, there was no such way to stop people hiding their money in Bitcoin.

Governments tried to remain relevant in my society, buying bitcoins, which only worsened the problem by increasing the value of bitcoins. Of course, governments did it secretly, but the “Snowden’s” of my generation are, in fact, greedy government mercenaries who transferred the bitcoins to their accounts and fled to places where no one asks any questions while you can unfasten some money.

Bitcoin in 2017

It is believed that these four institutions have the largest still available balance of bitcoins:

  • ASICminer – 50 000 bitcoins
  • “IMF Stabilization Monetary Fund” – 70 000 bitcoins
  • The Government of Saudi Arabia – 110,000 bitcoins
  • Government of North Korea – 180,000 bitcoins

Economic growth today is about minus 2% per year. Why is that? If you have more than 0.01 bitcoins, most likely, you do not do anything with your money. There is no inflation and, therefore, there is no incentive to invest your money. Just as the Middle Ages did not have a significant economic growth, since wealth was measured in gold, our society also does not have economic growth, because people know that their 0.01 bitcoins will be enough to provide them for the rest of their lives. The fact that bitcoins are still being manufactured is what prevents our world from coming down, but people are worried that the decline in inflation that will occur during the next reduction in the reward for the bloc can further ruin our economy.

What happened to the twins Winklewoss (these existing entrepreneurs got Mark Zuckerberg’s compensation for the idea of ​​Facebook and invested in Bitcoin – Ferra’s comment)? They were among the first to die. Seeing the tremendous damage to society, the terrorist movements began to seek to track down and kill anyone who, they knew, had a large Bitcoin balance, or, it is believed, to some extent responsible for developing the crypto currency. Ironically, these terrorist movements use Bitcoin to anonymously fund their operations.

Most people who own a significant number of bitcoins no longer communicate with their families and lost friends, because they needed to change their identity. There were also a few suicides who could not cope with the blame by seeing what happened to the package holders – skeptical people who continued to believe that all this would eventually burst, even after learning that governments are buying bitcoins. Many were taken a hostage, and there are suspicions that 25% of the “bitcoin rich” physically tortured someone to find out the passwords.

Why did not we abandon Bitcoin and move into another system? Well, we tried, of course. We tried to move to inflationary crypto currency, but no one with IQ above 70 did not want to take the first step and become a volunteer. After all, why voluntarily invest a lot of your money in currency, where, as it is known, your wealth will constantly decline? What made Bitcoin so dangerous to society was what made him so successful. Bitcoin allows us to surrender to our greed.

According to polls conducted in Africa, 70% of people believe that Bitcoin was invented by the Devil himself. There is a reason for this – what is today called “that tragedy.” The African Union had ambitious plans to help its citizens prepare for the transition to Bitcoin. Governments gave free mobile phones to citizens, tied to their identity cards, so the government sought to integrate Bitcoin into its economy. Everything went well until there was a “tragedy.” A criminal organization that is believed to be in Russia used hardware vulnerabilities in cell phones issued by the government. It is believed that the whole continent of Africa lost about 60% of its wealth within 48 hours. This was followed by a period of chaos and civil wars, while the governments of Saudi Arabia and North Korea,
You may wonder what our plan is now. It is clear that the current situation can not be sustained unless it ends with a nuclear holocaust. I am part of an underground network that seeks to launch a well-coordinated attack on the infrastructure of the Internet itself. We have about 20 nuclear submarines, which we will use to damage all submarine cables between the continents. After this is achieved, we will begin a simultaneous attack of nuclear strikes on every densely populated region of the world. We believe that the resulting chaos will allow the world’s population to rise in an uprising and destroy as many computers as possible until we reach the point where bitcoin is losing its relevance.

Of course, this result is likely to lead to billions of deaths. This is the price that we have to pay to avoid the eternal enslavement of humanity by a tiny elite.

This is also the reason why we contacted you.

This should not be so. You do not have to share our destiny. I do not know how, but you have to find a way to destroy this accursed project in its infancy. I know it’s hard to ask this from you. You believe that you help the world by eliminating the central banking cartel that regulates your economies.

However, Hands Cross, I will see what this leads to. 

Based on materials of ferra.


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