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Three Rumours about TECNO “PhonePad 3” Worth Believing

There are a ton of TECNO PhonePad 3 rumours flying around but there are only some that are worth believing. The first PhonePad 3 rumour emerged just a few weeks ago, and as the months went on, the frequency of the leaks continues to increase.And now, as we head deeper into the year, towards a potential launch, PhonePad 3 rumours have started to emerge on a regular basis, teasing consumers with everything from launch dates, to amazing design, to the camera quality.
They are leaving very little to the imagination.As expected, the TECNO PhonePad 3 rumour train will continue up until the device is launch. Many rumours turn out to be false while others however, will be dead on accurate.

We saw several TECNO smartphone rumours hit the bulls-eye and we have no doubt that some of the whispers that we’re hearing about the PhonePad 3 will as well be true.However, as the rumours continue to swirl, let’s look into some of the reports and point out some of the TECNO PhonePad 3 rumours that we think are worth believing.TECNO PhonePad 3 could Launch this monthReports making the rounds, suggests that the TECNO PhonePad 3 would launch this month (March). 

This will definitely go down well for all prospective TECNO PhonePad buyers. But, one thing we are not certain with is, will the device be released this month or next? Well, we must wait and see what the TECNO team have planned.Also, the news of the launch venue seems to be an issue, as many pundits suggests that the device will be glamorously launched. In recent times, TECNO have done several international launches for its flagship devices.

Will the PhonePad 3 have that same honour? Only time will tell.Remarkable AestheticsReports suggests that the new Phone+ Tab is the most beautiful PhonePad to ever grace the African market. I wouldn’t be quick to disagree with that statement as the leaked pictures seems to be doing justice to the statement. Other rumours also suggest that the “3” could come in an all metallic unibody while some others say it could come with both plastic and metal body.

Whatever the case may be and with the images that I have seen so far, I totally fall under the category of people who think that the PhonePad 3 is amazingly beautiful.Higher Resolution Display/ Amazing 13MP CameraTech bloggers claim that the TECNO PhonePad 3 will come with a screen size that’s around 7-inches, probably 7.5-inches or more, with HD IPS display.

That means 1280*720 IPS resolution with a large screen for game lovers. This type of quality will produce even crisper looking content than any other PhonePad.The camera quality on the device is another important talking point which seem to have kept smartphone makers on their toes. The TECNO PhonePad 3, is said to flaunt a 13 Mega Pixel rear camera which by any standard is just amazing for a PhonePad.

The camera quality on the PhonePad 3 will put smartphones to shame (if the rumours are true).As earlier mentioned, these reports are rumours and like the popular saying goes “there are no smoke without fire” so, we expect that a large percentage of the rumours will be true.Share this postTwitter0Facebook0Google +0Linkedin0Email this articlePrint this article.




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