This is disappointing: Crypto-currencies collapsed overnight by one third


Major crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin (and its forks) and Ethereum sharply fell in price at night and on the morning of December 22nd. The daily decline for different “coins” reaches 25 and even 30 percent.
Bitcoin – the oldest and most expensive crypto currency for today – has fallen in price by almost 4000 dollars: from $ 17,500 to $ 13,500 for 1 BTC. Analysts call what is happening a correction, the inhabitants do not say without pleasure that the “bitcoin bubble” has finally burst.

On December 21, the total “capitalization” of all crypto-currencies and tokens exceeded 650 billion dollars (now $ 474 billion).

Crypto-currencies collapsed

Bitcoin also set his record on December 17, then it cost more than 20 thousand dollars. After the peak, BTC began to give a share to “altcoins” – all other digital currencies. In this drop / correction, the Ripple cryptonet (XRP) is allocated – centralized crypto currency, designed not to destroy the banking system, but, on the contrary, to provide fast and reliable interbank exchange and someday to replace the SWIFT system. Ripple briefly sank from 1 dollar to 45 centers, but has already played a drop and is now worth about $ 1.03.

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