The Vice President Meizu talks on Meizu Blue Charm smartphone family


Vice President Meizu, responsible for the development of the family of low-cost smartphones Blue Charm (Meilan), talked about the future of this series. According to him, next year it will include not only the available models. Meilan plans to update the line of Meilan X with a frameless flagship, which will cost about 3,000 yuan (164 thousand nigeria naira). However, he says that while there is no solution to the problem of placing a front camera in a frameless smartphone, and to release a smartphone without it there is no sense. 

In addition to Meilan X, there will be three more rulers in the Meizu family of conditional-budget families. This Meilan E, focused on youth and business class, the prices of these devices will exceed 1000 yuan (54000,00 naira). The main line will remain Meilan Note, the price of which the company will try to keep at the level of 1,000 yuan (54 thousand naira).

Finally, the fourth lineup will be “basic Blue Charm” like U10, M5c and M3S. How many models of smartphones Meilan plans to release in each of these lines is unknown. Most likely, the first three will be updated about once a year, and the fourth will be replenished somewhat more often.


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