The total cost of the components of iPhone X was 36% of its price


iPhone X has become the most expensive smartphone in the history of Apple. This is explained by the costly OLED display, the innovative Face ID recognition system and the brand new A11 Bionic chipset with its own GPU. Despite the fact that the official release of the iPhone X will take place only in early November, the Chinese have already calculated the cost of all components of the premium device.

iPhone X production cost

Their total cost was $ 412.75, that is about 40% of the final cost in the US ($ 1149 for the version under investigation at 256 GB). The most expensive component is the OLED-display (Super Retina) – its cost is estimated at $ 80. 3 GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROMs cost Apple $ 24 and $ 45, respectively, the chipset – at $ 26, and for Qualcomm modems, the company pays $ 18. “Iron” for the implementation of Face ID costs only $ 25, double the cost of a case of glass and stainless steel. Note, this cost does not include the cost of logistics, development and other costs. Nevertheless, Apple remains the company that earns more than everyone else from each of its smartphone.


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