The Road is Free for a Steve Jobs Android Smartphone


Two brothers from Italy have registered the Steve Jobs brand. Apple has put a stop to this, but the judge agrees with the brothers. This clears the road for a Steve Jobs smartphone on Android.

It is a bizarre story from Italy and started in 2012. Then the Barbato brothers discovered that Apple and Steve Jobs had not registered the name Steve Jobs. The Italian brother then registered the brand and associated logo. The logo of the men makes a nod to the Apple logo. It is a J with the tip of the I in the form of an Apple stalk. Like the Apple logo, the J of the Barbato brothers also has a snack from the side. Although the judge believes that you can not take a bite out of a J.

Logo of Steve Jobs product
Way free for Steve Jobs smartphoneAfter the brothers Barbato found out that Steve Jobs and Apple had not registered the name, the fashion brothers themselves registered the name. The pair has Steve Jobs registered the brand both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Of course, Apple wanted to put a stop to it and ended it in a legal battle. The Barbato brothers are the winner of the legal battle. In an interview with the Italian Business Insider, the pair now presents great plans.

The brothers make clothes named Steve Jobs. You can already walk around in a beautiful pair of jeans with the name of the Apple founder. That does not stop for the brothers. From 2018, the road is free for a Steve Jobs smartphone on the Android operating system. A fun idea when you consider that Steve Jobs is synonymous with Apple and the iOS operating system.

Steve Jobs brand is more than clothingNow that the brothers have won the war against the colossus from Cupertino, it is time to work out their ideas. In the interview with Business Insider, the brothers already talk about an Android smartphone and a smart TV. They can of course produce virtually anything hi-tech under this name. The brothers respect the name Steve Jobs full. They will not do anything low-level. The brand focuses on the higher segments. With clothing and design as well as with electronics.

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