The Price of the iPhone 8 will be Lower than Expected?


One of the most important issues on the anniversary iPhone X Edition, better known as the “iPhone 8”, is its cost. Quite accurately, you can say that the gadget will be significantly more expensive than the iPhone 7S Plus and its predecessors, due to the expected debut of OLED panels, a new frame less design, fast wireless charging and a camera with AR capabilities.

Earlier it was assumed that the prices for this premium model will start from $ 1100, but according to updated information from the authoritative edition of The New York Times, referring to the source, who asked to remain anonymous, the gadget will cost about $ 999.

This still remains a tangible price tag if you take into account the prices of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ($ 650 and $ 770 “in the database,” respectively), but not so monstrously expensive as in the case of the first sounded numbers. It is worth bearing in mind that here speech, Most likely, there is a version on 64 GB of ROM, but the release also expects 256 and 512 GB of internal memory, the prices for which will be significantly higher. In any case, we do not learn the whole truth until the middle of September.


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