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After the release of OnePlus 5, many users noted the similarity of the device with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. At 1 + 5 there was a similar design of the backrest, a similar color scale (black version), and the camera was suspiciously reminiscent of the “apple” solution. In the fresh OnePlus 5T, the design has undergone some changes, although the rear side has not been slightly transformed, Although little sending us to the iPhone 7 Plus.

What’s new in OnePlus 5T?

Full-screen (we do not like the word “frameless” when frames and indents are) design, face recognition technology (probably something standard from Android), as well as a rejection of touch buttons and a fingerprint scanner in front. We decided to fantasize about what can happen with OnePlus 6 and how it can turn out, given the features of OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. Meet OnePlus 6 by TECHZUMA:

Concept OnePlus 6 from TECHZUMA

We assume that many manufacturers (especially Chinese ones) will begin to focus on the iPhone X. In OnePlus 5T there is an emphasis on the face unlock and if the level of use of this function is higher or comparable to a fingerprint (at 1 + 5T it is on the back).
The framelessness of many Chinese companies has already been mastered to some extent, and we believe that next year there will be a massive production and more of one of the indentations.

There is likely to be massive rejection of the indentations, most likely for the bottom to be removed, since Apple showed an example that the cutout at the top might look appropriate. the below indent is not needed, because it is impossible to use a front-plate, and with it, the upper elements of the interface move away from the fingers, that is, the ergonomics suffer (see Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mix 2).

OnePlus 5T
Indentation might not work since both the self-camera and the sensors are needed to be embedded somewhere. The audio connector will be removed. We do not know what it is connected with, but if the company starts laughing at Apple, braving a hole of 3.5 mm, then in the next flagship this hole magically disappears, and the braggart company cannot explain what all the same happened (hello Google and its Pixel / Pixel 2).

Why a vertical camera?

Because OnePlus cannot be as original as two years ago and in 2018 such a design will occur very often. And metal most likely, will give way to glass (on metal rendering).

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