The Essential Phone Failed Drop Test (video)


Studying the “stress resistance” of Essential Smart Phone. The popular blogger JerrRigEverything, despite personal skepticism regarding drop tests, asked his subscribers whether they are interested in this side of the gadget. They responded positively, and now, armed with cameras of flagship smartphones, Zak went to check how the frameless smartphone made of titanium, ceramics and glass Gorilla Glass 5 copes with the falls. 

The tests showed unexpected results. The glass that protects the device’s display crashed already at the first fall from the height of the blogger’s knee, and after a few more shots from different heights, and at all began to lose fragments, and the sensor went out of order. At the same time, the ceramic backdrop performs its task perfectly – no damage even after numerous falls from the height of the head. Also JerryRigEverything plans to remove the disassembly of the gadget, whichI was not at all impressed with iFixit . Recall, Essential Phone has already gone on sale in North America at a price of $ 700.


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