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The best software to take full advantage of a USB memory

With the passage of time and cheaper USB memory is now very easy to have a pendrive at home with a large storage capacity and that did not cost us much. Although more and more people prefer to use the cloud to have everything at hand, and even see some companies start to get rid of USB ports on their devices, this does not mean they are useless.

There are a lot of ideal tools to always carry on a USB stick and that can turn it into a Swiss Army knife . If you have a pendrive and you want to use it for something useful, we recommend you part of the best software to take advantage of it.


We will start with the most basic tool, since this will help us to install other ones that we mentioned. YUMI Multiboot USB Creator is a utility that allows us to create a USB boot disk with several operating systems or tools .

YUMI offers support for a huge amount of Linux distributions, Windows images, antivirus tools, diagnostic tools and system repair and more. It is a free application and also portable, which means that you do not need to install it to use it on your computer. It is enough to download it from the official website and execute the file whenever you want to use it.

How to create a multiple boot disk with YUMI

YUMI is super easy to use. Before starting it, connect the USB memory you are going to use to the computer and check the letter assigned by Windows to the unit.

Start YUMI and in the first drop-down menu select your pendrive from the list. If you want to format your memory just before installing something in it, you can check the corresponding box on the right. This will erase all the content that it has.

Yumi Select Unit

The next step is to choose the tool or operating system that you are going to install. The list is quite large. In several cases you will have the option of downloading the ISO file from YUMI, the application will offer you the possibility to go to the official download site of the system and once downloaded you can continue directly to the final step.

Yumi Download

If you already have the ISO file in your local folders, simply use the “Browse” button to navigate in the Windows Explorer and select it. Then you just have to click on ” Create “, accept after being shown the warning and wait for YUMI to do its job.
Yumi Format Create

At the end you will have the option to choose if you want to add more images to that same disk, or if you have finished. You can always use YUMI to add more tools to the same USB memory in the future. You can use the “View or Remove Installed Distros” option to remove or add more ISOs whenever you want.

YUMI also accepts tools that do not appear in the list of supported applications, but in those cases it is not guaranteed that they work perfectly well. It’s a matter of trying, for that you just have to choose any of the options that appear at the end of the drop-down menu under ” Unlisted bootable ISOs “.

Yumi Other Isos


This is one of my favorite tools and one that saves you a huge amount of timewhen installing programs on your computer. Ninite is a web that allows you to select from a long list of the most popular applications for Windows and create a custom installer that will download and install everything automatically for you.

It is perfect to install all the basic programs that you use in a new PC or a new version of Windows, or after formatting your computer. It is also ideal to carry a personal software installer on a USB stick and have it with you at all times.

Ninite Installer

The advantages are many, Ninite downloads everything from the official website so you do not have to worry about potential malware. It also avoids installing additional garbage such as browser bars or test or promotional programs that include some installers.

Ninite does everything in the background so you do not have to worry about anything, it skips the reboots that some applications request and you can also use it every time you want to update all your apps automatically.


If you want to erase a hard drive completely this is your tool. Maybe you know it or maybe not, but when you simply delete the files from your system or empty the recycle bin, they have not disappeared completely and can be recovered. If you use a specialized application like DBAN you can be sure that your data is gone.

Dban Autonuke

Useful in case you’re going to get rid of a hard drive, sell it or give it away, or there’s just something there that you want to permanently disappear. DBAN is a free tool for individual users who only need the most basic. It is compatible with YUMI, so you can use that program to add it to your USB boot disk .

Its operation is quite simple, once you start from DBAN a blue screen will appear, you just have to type “ autonuke ” and press Enter. There is no turning back, so be careful to try it where you should not.

Spybot Search & Destroy

This is one of the best anti-malware tools available today, Spybot Search & Destroy has a portable version that you can add to your USB stick and take with you anywhere.


With it you can detect and remove a lot of threats from any computer, clean any trace tracked by spyware, solve problems in the registry and even immunize the system against future malicious app. 

HDD Regenerator

If you’ve ever had a hard drive that started to fail and you gave it up for lost, it’s because you did not know HDD Regenerator . This legendary tool is capable of detecting and repairing corrupted sectors on a hard drive as long as they are magnetic errors (and in most cases they are).

Hdd Regenerator

HDD Regenerator is not free, but it offers a trial version. To use it effectively and repair a hard drive you must create a boot stick (you can use YUMI). The tool is also capable of monitoring the status of your disks in real time. 

System Rescue Toolkit Lite

This is a free and easy to use application that serves as a first-hand tool to repair a computer without having great technical knowledge . System Rescue Toolkit Lite (AiO SRT Lite) executes several steps automatically that solve the most common Windows problems .

Aio Srt Lite

AiO SRT Lite is now able to detect and repair problems with the CPU, cooling system, memory, hard drive, Windows Security Center, viruses or malware, network or file system problems, and it also cleans the disc and defragments it. So, take it on a USB stick is perfect to try to fix any computer.



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