The Best Smartphones and Tablets Deals For this Month


Every week, we return to the best offers available on the Chinese site specializing in the sale of High-Tech products. From smartphones to connected objects or home automation, there’s something for everyone! Let’s go !

What is Gearbest?

For those who have not yet heard about, be aware that it is a Chinese e-commerce site launched in 2013 that offers a multitude of gadgets and high-tech products in any kind. There are also smartphones (mostly Chinese brand) as Box TV or drones via cameras embedded at very attractive prices.

Quite often, these products are offered as limited-time flash sales. Flash sales, which may also include additional reductions in the form of promotional codes (often limited to a number of usage). Here are the ones we have selected for you!
The best deals on smartphones and tablets on GearBest
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2’s latest smartphone on the borderless screen in the 18: 9 format is the best it can be for Xiaomi at the moment. It boasts the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor backed by 6 GB of RAM. It should be noted that all the frequency bands necessary for the proper functioning of the French 4G are supported by this model (notably the B20 / 800 Mhz).

It is offered in its 3 versions, 64, 128 and 256 GB in the color black, on sale flash at prices ranging from 460.82 € for the 64 GB version to 561.37 € for the 256 GB version.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB black with 460.82 € with coupon code mix264gb : CLICK HERE
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 128GB black at 502.72 € with the coupon code MIX2128GB : CLICK HERE
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 256 Go black with 561.37 € with the coupon code xmmix2256: CLICK HERE

Bonus: the 256 GB version will be at 544.61 € from Sunday 30 September 2017 15 hours with the coupon code mix2bjgp: CLICK HERE
OnePlus 5

Flagship killer of the year 2017, the OnePlus 5 is the direct competitor of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + but also the LG G6 and other high-end smartphones that can offer HTC, Huawei or Honor. The latter proposes a muscular technical sheet for a sober and refined design.

The 128 GB version boasts 8 GB of RAM compared to 6 GB for the 64 GB version. On the technical data sheet, apart from this detail, the characteristics remain similar. We invite you to discover them in the full test of OnePlus 5 .
OnePlus 5 64 Go Gray at 397,14 € : CLICK HERE
OnePlus 5 128 GB Black at 460,82 € : CLICK HERE
OnePlus 5 128 Go Gray at 460,82 € : CLICK HERE

Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Your heart leans between the tablet and the smartphone? The phablette is the perfect alternative! With its large 6.44 inch IPS Full HD display, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 falls into this product category. Of course, that said big screen says high battery consumption. This is not a worry for the Mi Max 2 that carries an XXL battery of 5300 mAh.

Proposed on Gearbest for 203.60 €, you can get it for 192.70 € by filling out the coupon promo MAXCJ once it is added in your basket.
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 black 64 GB at 221,16 € with the coupon code MAXCJ : CLICK HERE
Huawei P9 Lite

With a 5.2-inch Full HD screen, the P9 Lite is a good alternative for people who want a smartphone with a screen under 5.5 inches. The version that is proposed on GearBest is the VNS – L31. The latter is compatible with the B20 / 800 MHz frequency band, which means that the 4G will be on the program. It boasts 3 GB of RAM, an octa core processor Kirin 650 clocked at 2 GHz.

The coupon code with the promotional code HUAZDCJ It is valid from Sunday 30 September 2017 and up to 50 uses .

Huawei P9 Lite Gold at 134.05 € with the coupon code HUAZDCJ : CLICK HERE
Huawei P10

If the photo is an important criterion for you on smartphone then the high-end smartphone Huawei P10 could entice you. Displayed for 427.31 €, the price decreases to 402.17 € with the promotional code huaweip10. As a reminder, it embeds processor 8 cores Kirin 960 supported by 4 GB of RAM. On the photo side, it is a dual photo sensor 20 MP Monochrome + 12 MP RGB , aperture f / 2.2, OIS, and autofocus laser with phase detection realized in collaboration with Leica.

Huawei P10 Black 64GB to 402.17 € with the coupon code huaweip10 : CLICK HERE
BlackBerry KeyONE Black Edition

If borderless smartphones this is clearly not your thing, you can always turn to something more original. The BlackBerry KeyOne signs the return of the firm on the Android scene. Its Black Edition version is currently subject to a price reduction on GearBest. Displayed for 548.41 €, its price drops to 485.96 € after having informed the coupon code keyone.

BlackBerry KeyONE Black Edition at 485.96 € with the coupon code keyone : CLICK HERE
Xiaomi Mi6

If you’re looking for a powerful smartphone with a screen size of less than 5.5 inches, the Xiaomi Mi6 is a great choice. It is equipped with a 5.15 inch Full HD display, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor clocked at 2.45 GHz supported by 6 GB of RAM. It’s a real monster of power. Its version 64 Go noire is proposed for 351.90 € but goes to 343.52 € with a coupon code valid from Sunday 30 September 2017 at 13 hours .

Xiaomi Mi6 64GB Black at 343.52 € with the coupon code MI64GB : CLICK HERE
Lenovo P8 Tablet

If you’re looking for a high-performance tablet with a screen size of less than 10 inches, the Lenovo P8 is a relevant choice. With 326 grams on the scale and dimensions of 208 x 123 x 8.8 mm, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It is equipped with an IPS screen of 8 inches of definition 1920 x 1200 pixels. It is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor that animates it, supported by 3 GB of RAM. On the internal storage side, we have right to 16 GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD).

Offered in white or blue for 134.05 €, the promotional code Lenovo01 drops its price to 117.29 €. This is 17 euros less than the initial price of the flash sale.
Tablet Lenovo P8 Black at 117.29 € with the coupon code Lenovo01 : CLICK HERE
Tablet Lenovo P8 White at 117.29 € with coupon code Lenovo01 : CLICK HERE
The best accessories and accessories deals on Gearbest
Box TV Android X96 Mini 4K

If you are looking for a Box TV 4K Android, here is one under the bar of 30 € very well equipped. For info, this Mini Box TV Android runs Android Nougat 7.1.2. Several pre-installed applications including Kodi 17.3. It embeds the new processor Quad Core 64 bit Amlogic S905W. There are 16 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 64 GB) and 2 GB of RAM.

It has an HDMI 2.0 port, an RJ45 (100 Mbps Ethernet) output, two USB ports, and a microSD card slot. It’s possible to buy for € 24.29 with coupon code
Box TV Android X96 Mini 4K with 24.29 € with the coupon code fousepX96fr : CLICK HERE
Box TV Android 4K Beelink A1

Other TV box, other brand. Beelink is no longer present in this booming market just released a new model, the Beelink A1 which succeeds the previous models GT1, GT1 Ultimate and SEA. We are no longer on an AllWinner processor but on a Rockchip RK3228 Soc consisting of four cores ARM Cortex-A53 and a graphic chip Mali 450MP2.

With 2 USB ports including a 3.0, an HDMI 2.0 output, a 3.5 mm stereo jack and an RJ45 port, and a MicroSD card reader, it proves to be very well equipped for a Box of this format (7.70 x 7.70 x 1.70 cm). There are 4 GB of RAM for 16 GB of internal memory (expandable). It also has Wifi 2.4 & 5 GHz and runs on Android 7.1. Posted at 67 €, it goes to 56 € with the coupon code GBBA1.
Box TV 4K Android Beelink A1 at 56.13 € with the coupon code GBBA1 : CLICK HERE
Xiaomi Air 12 portable notebook (version 2017

If you’re looking for a powerful PC for less than € 500, the Xiaomi Air 12 can be a relevant choice. It is equipped with a screen resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels of 12.5 inches. Processor side is the 7th generation dual core Intel Core m3-7Y30 (1 GHz to 2.6 GHz) supported by 4 GB of RAM (DDR3). The icing on the cake is a 128 GB SSD! The coupon code NEWMIAIR12 raises its price to 402.16 €.

Laptop computers Xiaomi Air 12 (2017) SSD 128 GB to 402.16 € with the coupon code NEWMIAIR12 : CLICK HERE
Bluetooth Speakerphone 4.0 Xiaomi Mi Speaker

If the weak point of your smartphone is the audio part, why not invest in buying a Bluetooth speaker? Offered for sale, the Xiaomi Mi Speaker is a smart choice. It is compact and has an autonomy of 4 hours.

For less than 10 €, you can easily listen to your favorite songs, wherever you are. The latter is compatible with iPhone, iPod, laptop, mobile phone, MP3, MP4, MP5, PC.
Bluetooth Speakerphone 4.0 Xiaomi Mi Speaker Gray or Silver at 9,72 €: CLICK HERE
Drone Quad Copier DJI Mavic Pro Combo

The Quadcopter DJI Mavic Pro combo is sold for € 1088.40. It has 4 vision cameras, and can detect obstacles at 15 m in front and avoid them by flying at a speed of 65 km / hour. Extremely compact, it weighs only 743 grams and is the same size as a bottle of water when folded. It has a flight time of 27 minutes.

It is possible to obtain it under the 1000 € bar via the GBCOMBO promo code that you must fill in the box provided for this purpose once connected to your GearBest account and the product added in your basket. The code is valid for the first 100 coins only.
Drone Quadcopter DJI Mavic Pro Combo with the coupon code GBCOMBO : CLICK HERE
Drone Quadcopter DJI Mavic Pro with the coupon code Mavic811 : CLICK HERE

Bonus : The normal version of the Mavic Pro will be at 753.18 € from Sunday 30 September 2017 10 hours with the promotional code 11nov136 : CLICK HERE
Electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Mijia (Youth Edition)

Want an electric scooter connected to get to work without spending hours in traffic jams or public transport? I may have what you need! In addition to making smartphones, tablets and other accessories, Xiaomi also produces the electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Mijia (Youth Edition).

You can travel 30 kilometers with a full load at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Normally sold for 284.87 €, the coupon code miscouyouthfr gives you a 100 € discount on your order. Thus, the scooter goes to 268.11 €.
Electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Mijia at 268.11 € with the coupon code miscouyouthfr : CLICK HERE
Hoverboard Smartmey N5

After the scooter, we go to the HoverBoard! There is no need to give you too detailed a description of this object, which is becoming more and more popular in our countries. Between the skateboard and the scooter, you will need some learning time and some nice bowl to tame the toy. Sold for 251.35 €, the price of 200.00 € with the promotional code Balancjx.

Hoverboard Smartmey N5 at 200.06 € with the promotional code Balancjx : CLICK HERE
Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum can be very useful for people who do not have too much time to clean at home. The latter has a suction, sweep function and can run 2h30 without interruption. It has 12 different sensors.

The three processors track their movements in real time and the simultaneous location and mapping algorithm (SLAM) calculates the most efficient route for cleaning. The coupon code XIAOMIVAC has a promotional code of 249,98 € for a minimum order of 16,75 €.
Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum with 242,98 € with coupon code XIAOMIVAC : CLICK HERE
External battery Xiaomi PowerBank 2 – 10,000 mAh or 20,000 mAh

Is the autonomy of your smartphone a problem on a daily basis? Have you ever thought about getting an external backup battery? There is currently on GearBest, the Xiaomi Mi PwerBank 2 with a capacity of 10 000 mAh which is proposed for 15,91 €. Fortunately, a coupon code allows us to have it for less.

With its dimensions of 130 x 71 x 14.1 mm it is very compact and weighs only 215 grams on the scale. Easy to carry, it is also equipped with fast charge technology for compatibility with Apple and Android devices (LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony …). The 20 000 mAh version is also available for 20.92 € with the promotional code 11nov061 from Sunday 24 September 2017.
External battery pack Xiaomi PowerBank 2 – 10 000 mAh at 13,40 € with the promotional code 11nov031 : CLICK HERE
External battery pack Xiaomi PoweBank 2 – 20 000 mAh at 20.94 € with the promotional code 11nov061 : CLICK HERE
SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Need an external storage solution? The SanDisk Ultra Flair 128GB USB 3.0 could be a relevant choice. For people who want to carry their data anywhere, this USB stick is the ideal accessory. With high read speeds of up to 150 MB / s, it is 15 times faster than a standard 2.0 USB flash drive.

USB 3.0 Sandisk 3.0 128 GB to 34.34 €: CLICK HERE
Selfie Stick tripod Xiaomi

Who in our day has never made a selfie with his friends or family members? Also, to never miss them, a selfie stick, perche to selfie in the language of Molière is more than recommended. A particularly interesting model attracted our attention. This is the Selfie Stick Tripod from Xiaomi which has the particularity in addition to being a Selfie stick to act as a tripod.

Ideal for portrait shoots or successful group shots, it has a length when unfolded 42 cm (19 cm folded) and has a Bluetooth 3.0 connection. It can be rotated 360 degrees and can accommodate devices between 56 and 89mm wide. Propose for 13.57 €, its price drops to 11.72 € with the promotional code 11nov029.
Selfie Stick Tripod Xiaomi at 11.72 € with the promotional code 11nov029 : CLICK HERE
Star Wars Holographic Star Wars Star of Death

Finally to finish our selection, we have the Star Wars holographic lamp representing the star of death. This is the must-have item for all fans (or not) of the saga! It offers 7 ambient lights Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Blue Lake, Purple, White and offers a pretty bluffing 3D rendering, especially in total darkness. A flash function is present for a disco effect coming from the bottom of the galaxy.

Star Wars Star Wars Star of Death at 6.69 €: CLICK HERE

We will regularly update this article to let you enjoy the best GearBest deals. For information, their website has set up the “French Line” delivery system, which offers a more secure and faster shipment to France via Colissimo.


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