Thanks For 2017 & Welcome To 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR


With great joy in My Heart, I want to use this opportunity to sincerely appreciate and say a big THANK YOU to friends, followers, readers of this blog, motivators and everyone who as contributed in one way or other to TechZuma. Especially the social media GUYS (they are always watin to share every post), We really respect You and appreciate your whole effort, May God reward you in mutiple times more than we can.

TechZuma says Thanks For 2017 & Welcome 2018

Yes! It’s not been easy but really it worth it. Personally I am highly grateful for everything – All experience and lessons, The past twelve months I have traveled to places, meeting new friends and business partners, creating relationships around Africa and Outside Africa and making unforgettably memories that will last me a lifetime.

Without you guys all this will be impossible, TechZuma keep moving all because you guy keeps the whiles rolling. Blogging in 2017 won’t have been sweet without You reading again, and again and again those hilarious and grammatical errors, they can be so disgusting. YET You still show support by reading and thumbs up those informative write up again and again, I value every one of you.

If I by any means succeed in blogging, it’s because I have the best readers like you. One lesson have learnt is that: Do things the best way you can – Your own mindset, Your own thinking, Your own way and strategy, Do not copy others, Be natural, Stay calm, Your Own Guys will find You.

I want to thank all my friends, readers and supporters for the tremendous support. I also say thanks to all my haters for keeping me motivated and pushing on just to prove them you wrong, Always there to iron out every mistake and want me Submerged. 

YOU are ALL adding huge amount of value to my life.. Once again, I thank you all for the past year and WELCOME YOU TO YEAR 2018. I pray that this year will bring smile, peace, prosperity, favor and good health to you and your family. I wish you all a happy prosperous 2018 filled with success…


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