Telegram X – an alternative client from the creators of the messenger


The Telegram team introduced today an alternative messenger client for the iOS operating system – It’s Telegram X. The application is completely written in the Swift programming language, created by Apple. According to the assurances of the developers, it works faster than the traditional one and efficiently consumes the battery. In addition, there is support for themes – including the dark one! Also, the new application allows you to listen to music without caching it, and choose the font size. At the same time while Telegram X does not have all the messenger features, some interface elements are poorly visible with a dark theme, and the iPad version is not well adapted for the big screen.

Telegram X

The developers claim that over time the problems of Telegram X will be resolved. The app weighs 116 MB and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 8 and newer.


  1. This is not an alternative client, it is the future update of the primary client and. It has also been in the closed alpha-test stage for a long time and has been published in the app store as the official public preview of what they've been working on. When it is fully ready, it will replace the main Telegram app in the app store.


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