Sony will show the flagship Xperia with Snapdragon 845 on CES 2018


The right tone for the season of the premiere in 2018 will be the CES 2018 exhibition, which will be held in January in Las Vegas. One of the main premieres at this event will be the announcement of the flagship of the Sony Xperia line on the new Snapdragon 845 chip. Anyway, some informants are sure of this. Unfortunately, no other details on the device (or devices) were mentioned, but previously there were rumors about the presentation of another device with 4K-display, as well as models Xperia XZ2 in full-screen format. 

Sony has not officially confirmed its participation in the conference, which will be held from 9 to 12 January. If the source is not mistaken, Sony will be the first company to be the first company to announce its flagship version on the top Snapdragon for the second consecutive year. However, like last year, it will be released after analogues from Samsung and Xiaomi. 


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