Sony will return half the price of the drowned Xperia to those who refused to repair

In the US, for a year and a half, there has been a lawsuit between Sony and two residents of the country, accusing the company of dishonest advertising. They argue that some of the company’s models were positioned as waterproof, although in reality they were not. Moreover, they claim that Sony has used the international rating of water protection (IP) to launch a deceiving marketing company. Sony denies all accusations, and therefore decided to prove the water resistance of its smartphones, without waiting for a judicial decision. 

To do this, Sony decided to compensate for half of the initial cost of the device to anyone who damaged Xperia with water and received a refusal of warranty repair (despite the claimed water protection, damage caused by water entering the case, Sony has not guaranteed a warranty for a long time). The offer is valid only in the USA and concerns only nineteen models of devices – Xperia M2 Aqua, Z4, Z5 Compact, Z2 Tablet, Z3 Tablet Compact and Z4 Tablet.

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