Some Lifetime Useful Tips about Ingenious Computer You need to Know

Technology is always on the move. Hardware is getting faster, and operating systems are getting new features and becoming more effective. But that does not mean that certain methods and computer wisdom will ever go out of style. Here you will find timeless tips that are always up to date.

Ingenious Computer

Restart the system

If something on your PC does not work, you should not despair, just restart your computer. This simple method often fixes many problems. When your computer restarts, all temporary files in memory are deleted, and the operating system is reloaded. Files that cause errors are removed. If you want to delete temporary files without rebooting, click Start, then Run, type% Temp% in the command line, and then delete the temporary files. This can take some time.

Empty battery

Murphy’s Law: The battery of your notebook or tablet PC is always empty when you need your mobile device. Always keep a second battery ready. And take every opportunity to recharge. Only with overnight charging, you should be careful.

Troubleshooting with “Swarm Intelligence”

Chances are if you can not find a solution to your problem on the manufacturer’s website, find a suitable solution using Google. So enter your problem on an internet search engine. As a rule, you should then find forum posts or articles that provide a solution to your problem.

Make backup copies

Always make a backup copy and back it up so that you always have two copies. The backup should be stored both on an external drive and on cloud storage. Furthermore, it is a good idea to make a daily backup of a system and data partition. The system partition should also be backed up at least once a quarter, including Windows and the installed programs.

Use USB sticks and drives

Quickly you have lost track of the recovery discs; better is a USB drive with recovery software. Keep it in a safe and easy to remember the place. In the same place, you also save both the electronic and printed copies of all software license key/product keys.

It does not always have to be the latest model

Typically, you do not need the latest technology on the market, in the form of processors, graphics cards, or I / O technologies. Inexpensive and often reliable are mature predecessor models.

Extended warranty is unnecessary

Traders usually offer extended warranties. But they almost never pay off. So do not go for it.

Read the manual

Learn the features and functions of the device or application and increase its value.

Note the costs of consumables
You should pay close attention to the cost and efficiency of consumables. These can make a device that was very cheap to buy, expensive. This is especially true for inkjet printers – here the ink is the main cost driver. For laser printers, you should pay attention to the toner costs.

Resist the urge

If you want to buy a new technical device, research in advance the features and prices and can not be blinded by sellers. Also, you should always have your smartphone with you, with the help of a quick Internet search to check whether it is the lowest price mentioned.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts to work more effectively. Programs, services, and operating systems help you to do this faster. On you will find numerous guides that explain key combinations for many common applications.

Build your own PC

In certain cases, it may be better to put together your PC than to buy a finished system. That’s the only way to make sure the configuration fits your needs.

Keep your software up to date

Although hint windows may be annoying to a recent release, you should click the “Update Now” button. Important security patches are applied, and your system is protected against software crashes and data loss.

Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse

You do not know exactly how much time you spend at your desk. Hours of typing and operating the mouse can lead to health problems such as cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome. To avoid this and pain, you should get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.


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