Solved: How to Fix Google play store error 18


How to fix the error 18 message in android while attempting to install the app?

Error -18 is known since late 2015 and is when you want to reinstall an application that you already had in the past. The problem may sounds difficult but the solution is quite simple.


After going on several forums, it seems that some users have managed to solve -18 error by disconnecting and reconnecting the SD or microSD memory card. That said, it does not appear that it works for all users. If the problem persists, you can try to contact support / support Google’s online. The final solution will work is radical and constitera to an Android reset.

My own Personal Solution to Fix Error -18

The problem may sounds difficult but the solution is quite simple. Actually, the process involves, sign out and freshly sign in your google account. The process is as follows.

  1.  First thing you have to do is switch off your phone for while and then switch it on again.
  2.  Enter into google talk and sign out your account.
  3.  Now, you have to sign in again and exit the google talk for further continuation.
  4.  Now, go to android store and cancel the one that was altered before and now try downloading the app again. That’s it. Enjoy unlimited apps in store
If you still encounter any problem, Fixing google play store error 18. or some point are not clear to you in the above solutions, please do not hesitate to indicate your problem in the comment box or contact me.
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