Solution to Black in OKI printer error Drum Life Error

This is the solution for a fairly common error message on Oki printers, after changing several toners, you have to replace an additional part, otherwise you will get an error message like the following: the error message “Change the drum” this is on the display and through the configuration: Error “Drum Life Error for Black”

error Drum Life Error

This is because the drum as shown on the display, is the unit of image that must be replaced every few toners, since it has a counter that prevents to continue using the same unit of image indefinitely, just by replacing this piece all the errors, sometimes you can do the reset but it is convenient to change it for the useful life of the equipment. And we recommend purchasing the original to avoid compatibility problems.

What if you get the message “Image Drum Life” is displayed. Can you still continue with printing without replacing the image drum?

If “COLOUR Image Drum Life.” is displayed and the printing stops, replace the image drum. [Colour name] indicates the following: C means Cyan, M means Magenta, Y means Yellow, K means Black.) But If “Image Drum Near Life.” is displayed, prepare a new image drum.

If you do not have a new image drum at hand and need printing before obtaining it, you can continue printing for a while by opening and closing the front cover or the output tray. Please note that the Print quality is not guaranteed.

The printable number of sheets depends on the amount of the toner left in the image drum. If this amount is exceeds the printable number of sheets, you will not be able to print until the image drum is replaced. As this may cause a malfunction,

Best practices is to replace the image drum as soon as possible when the message “Image Drum Life” is displayed.


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