Snap2Recharge: Airtime Recharge in Less than 3 seconds


Technology makes life easier. Here comes another great app that stops one of the most annoying thing you most do in your day to day activities just because you don’t have choice.

Wonder what that is? Imagine you don’t have to stress you self typing those long annoying recharge pins, especially the new increased MTN recharge pin numbers. I know the Question on your mind now is it really Possible? YES IT’S Very Possible, infact the answer is here, just keep reading this article.

Technology it’s all about reducing human stress. This time, it gives you access to recharge your phone without typing those long annoying digits. All you have to do now is Snap the recharge digit pins, inrespective of your network provider.This app was developed by an innovative Nigerian company called Oasis Management Company.

The app is called SnaptoRecharge. Just take a SHOT and your recharge is done.

Best part It supports all GSM telecommunication mobile network.You can all testify that typing those long 16digits sometimes could be so annoying… It is time to dump that old annoying way of loading airtime by typing those long digits, and embrace the new method of recharging by Snapping the digits. The App is available for download on Google Play store.

Old way of recharging = You TYPE the digits

New way of recharging= You SNAP the digits.

Snap2Recharge “snap to recharge” is a simple to use, yet great innovative mobile application that enables You recharge Your mobile devices just by snapping a picture of the recharge code or pins, rather than typing the codes or pins.
The app is developed particularly for Android mobile smart phone users to enable easy airtime recharge, balance check, airtime transfer, e-top, automatic Caller tunes purchase, automatic data bundle subscription, through bank account and also enable users to easily borrow airtime.

The app version for iPhones, Windows, and Blackberry are also currently in development. It works offline and online. Users can share Snap2Recharge with Friends on Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Facebook, BBM and others.

Here is the Great Features of Snap2Recharge App

• Recharging mobile phone airtime
• Easy Money Transfer.
• Automatic Caller Tunes purchase
• Automatic Data Bundle recharge
• E-Top Up for all banks using DSSN code
• Checking Airtime Balance
• Borrowing Airtime
• Dynamic advert placement
• Transferring Airtime
• D-Direct
• More features are planned


Where Can I Download This App?

Download it HERE

How Can I Recharge With This App?

» All you have to do is scratch or remove the stapler pin of card to reveal the digits

» Press “SCAN” button in this app and take a picture of the recharge card you scratched

» Press “OK” and on the next screen, if text in the image appears sideways or upside down please kindly rotate it, OTHERWISE Snap2Recharge won’t work accurately.

» Press “OK”, and wait for the app process the text and establish connection, the longer the text on the card, it may take some more seconds but it will take less than 3 seconds to complete. (Note that the very first time you run this application after you installed it, this process will take slightly longer in other to load utility resources in cache ).

» If You get a satisfactory result – great, If not, click “CANCEL” button and repeat the process again.

That’s all, It has simple as that!


I tried Snap2Recharge out and was impressed. I will give it an 8/10. It’s an app I will use over and over again. Also, there’s an in-app provision for feedback, where you can chat with the Snap2Recharge team.

*Do you have anything to add? Please don’t hesitate to Share, If you are facing any Technical problem let fix it together, also drop your Reviews on this App, all in the comments box below.


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