Samsung responds to battery problems Galaxy Note 8


Samsung for the first time heard of the issue regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that no longer wants to recharge. Only a small group has reported to the company with this problem. Nonetheless, the company takes the complaints very seriously and calls on the victims to send information to its employees so that they can find out the cause of the problem.


That is what Samsung says to the German branch of PC World , as various media write.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the flagship of the Koreans of last year. In addition to a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, the device also has a stylus, also called the S Pen, where you can do all sorts of cool and handy things except taking notes. And of course you get from uncle Sammy the best hardware you can get for your money right now. It is therefore not surprising that the flagship is praised by many. Some users struggled for a short time with a screen that could freeze spontaneously, but with a software update that was rolled out at the end of November, this problem was resolved.

Device is dead

Just before the end of the year we heard a problem of an entirely different order. On the US help forum, some users reported that their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was no longer charging after it reached 0 percent. Very annoying, especially if you consider that they have each between 900 and 1,000 euros have paid for the device.

They all said that they used the original Samsung charger, not a cheaper alternative from an accessory seller. That could have explained the problem. A new charger from Samsung does not put a lot of effort as the phones still do not want to charge. Whether it is the battery or possibly something else Samsung can not say at this time.

The only thing users can do at this time is to ensure that their phone’s battery does not reach 0 percent. So make sure you always have a charger at hand in case. Enabling the battery saving also ensures that your device does not drain quickly. Only downside is that the performance of your device is limited. For example, the chipset does not run at full speed, the vibration mode does not work and the location services and most background data are switched off or limited to extend the battery life as long as possible.

Samsung responds

About a week after the first users have reported charging problems, Samsung responds to the issue. Against the German branch of PC World, the Korean giant said that only a handful of Galaxy Note 8 users reported problems. Samsung further states that it can not respond to the issue at the moment, but only once it has collected and analyzed more detailed information about the affected phones. Samsung calls users to send as much information as possible about their device, although we are not clear how they should do that as their device no longer jumps on. For any questions regarding this issue, customers can contact Samsung’s customer service or the online contact page.

So Samsung says to investigate the issue. When it thinks it is possible to find the cause or we can expect a solution, let the company in the middle.

It is not the first time Samsung has been associated with battery problems. Who remembers the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the flagship of 2016? One after the other went spontaneously into flames. Even a recall that gave users a brand-new phone did not solve anything. These also proved to be a fire hazard. Eventually, Samsung decided to stop the production and sale of the flagship. The debacle resulted in a loss of an estimated EUR 15 billion.


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