Samsung Might Use Palm Scanner In Its Upcoming Smartphones : S9?


Samsung this year has presented its own variant of the iris scanner, which was supplemented with a fingerprint sensor and face recognition technology (in the latter case, reliability is not a priority). But now Samsung seems to be working on a successor to the fingerprint scanner. Future Galaxy smartphones can get another unusual way of biometric recognition of the owner. This was indicated by the patent found in Korea. It’s about scanning your palm. This is indicated by the patent found in Korea. It’s about scanning your palm. Technically, this is achieved by simply photographing the palm of your hand on the front camera and then outputting it as a fragmentary password scattered across the display. According to a patent first report Samsung is considering using the palm scan to remember forgotten passwords.

Samsung Palm Scanner
Samsung Palm Scanning

How Samsung Palm Scanner Works

Patents come and go. They can point to new developments that sooner or later come to smartphones or tablets, but usually a company simply captures an idea so that someone else does not suddenly get away with it. South Korea has a 42-page patent. First, users should use the rear camera to take their palms to verify their identities. If the palm line matches the previous record, Samsung will display a password reminder, so you can remember your password.

Samsung already provides sight scanning, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, pattern and PIN code, so this scanning scan method may be just another way to increase its safety measures. however, unlike the same face recognition, those wishing to obtain your personal data will be more difficult to counterfeit (which one of you has a photo of your palm? ).


All said and done, Remember photos of your face which can bypass facial recognition, someone taking a picture of your palm will be rare. Although Samsung would likely implement a better depth sensing than that of iPhone X to prevent evildoers from cheating with photos. Samsung will definitely be focussed on full perfection of its 3D facial recognition technology for the awaited Galaxy S9 launch in order to compete with Apple’s iPhone X Face ID.

Please Note: Currently it is only a patent and that won’t necessarily translate to a finished product, so it is still unclear whether Samsung will actually use the technology in the future. There is therefore no reason to assume that the Galaxy S9 will soon be equipped with it. 
Anyway Samsung idea here is fun. Especially when you consider that hand palm recognition naturally has many more (more meaningful) applications. True, if the technology is implemented in the future, then it is unlikely that it will be used to ensure the security of payments, because the risk still remains. 
What do you think? An interesting idea?


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