Samsung is working on adapting Linux for smartphones Galaxy and DeX


One of the features of the Samsung 2017 flagship is the DeX mode, which allows you to connect the smartphone to the monitor using a special docking station and gain a PC user experience. Koreans continue to develop technology, and move in a very interesting direction.

 According to the official press release, the company is working on adapting the Linux OS to Galaxy smartphones and the subsequent work in desktop mode. It is reported that the Linux environment will be installed as an application, switching to which the user can perform functions that are not available to Android. At the same time, Samsung continues to establish contacts with partners to regularly expand the library of applications for working with DeX, including large game studios (Super Evil Megacorp, Square Enix, Netricble and others).by this link . Apparently, all current smart phones for DeX will be supported: Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy Note 8.


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