Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Samsung Galaxy S9: strength test and “transparent” upgrade (video)

Samsung Galaxy S9 goes on sale around the world, which means that we are waiting for a large number of interesting videos related to testing the device for strength. Traditionally one of the first became JerryRigEverything, for which the Galaxy S8 became the main smartphone a year ago. I got a blogger from both models, but at first, I checked the standard Galaxy S9. As in the whole, the new model did not stand out too much against the background of its predecessor. Zak singled out only a new aluminum frame, which became slightly heavier, but stronger. Ultimately, the Galaxy S9 did not disappoint with the level of stress resistance, having passed all the tests of JerryRigEverything without any difficulty.

The author managed to carry out his traditional “transparent” upgrade: using special tools and sleight of hand to get rid of the paint on the glass panel, making the smartphone transparent. Accounted for and the mistakes of the past, when the pursuit of the design was able to turn off the charging function of the gadget. This time JerryRigEverything even left in place wireless charging. As it was, watch the video:



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