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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 code name Became known

Developing a smartphone is a long process, so it is worthwhile to think about the development of the next generation right after the release of the previous one. Samsung is starting to develop its next stylus flagship series Galaxy Note. In the early stages, the project will be called Crown (“Crown”).

This name reflects the goal of Samsung as the next flagship to consolidate the status of the “king” of the top segment of the smartphone market. It is alleged that the supplies of components for the launch of the pilot production of Crown are scheduled for the first quarter of next year. The launch of the smartphone will take place in early-mid August next year.
Note that Samsung can change the code names of its products during development. So, Galaxy Note 8 started as Baikal (the company wanted to show that the screen is as big and elongated as the lake in Siberia), and by the time of the release it was renamed Gr3at.



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