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Replacement display and battery iPhone X on video

The other day we talked about the iFixit evaluation of maintainabilitywhich went on sale iPhone X, which was at a high level – 6 out of 10. Among the advantages of the device mentioned tconvenience of removing the screen and the battery for later replacement.

 iPhone X
In the continuation of this topic JerryRigEverything made a video with the process of replacing the display and battery iPhone X, where the author tells in detail about all the subtleties. The disassembly process begins with two screws on the lower end, after which a thermal gun and tools for accurately removing the thin Super Retina panel enter the case. Then you need to carefully remove the metal cover (fastened on 5 screws), which protects the fastening of all components on the motherboard of the iPhone X, including the battery and the display. To replace the screen, you also need to remove the speaker and sensors. As for the battery, it is removed quite easily: three special from below and one from above – all that is needed in order to separate a securely fixed power source. After doing all the steps in the reverse order, Zack again received a fully functional iPhone X.



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