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Quick Charge 4+ in Snapdragon 845: See Snap Details

One of the features of the Snapdragon 845 chipset last week was the support for the Quick Charge 4+ fast charging technology, which is a modified version of QC 4.0 in Snapdragon 835. Some details of the new technology that will be even faster, more efficient and safer are known: , that Quick Charge 4+ will be 15% faster, 30% more energy efficient and 3 degrees “colder”. 

This is achieved through the development of Dual Charge technology (an additional power controller that divides the current in half and allows charging faster), smart temperature balance and new safety protocols that control not only the heating of the case, but also the USB-C connector. Note, despite the fact that Quick Charge 4.0 is almost a year old, most of the flagships on Snapdragon 835 do not state such support.

Snapdragon 845 Quick Charge 4+



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