Qualcomm trolls Apple on the eve of iPhone presentation


“Disagreement” between fans of Android and iOS started a long time and is relevant to this day. This topic will become acute again today, when new iPhones will be presented, among the supposed innovations of which are technologies that have long been used in Android smartphones. As if accidentally boasting of its own innovation on the eve of a grand event decided Qualcomm – the leading manufacturer of mobile “hardware” for Android-smartphones yesterday published in his blog article with a visual tablet of technology, first implemented exactly on its equipment, along with the name of models.

The list includes fast and wireless charging, a dual camera, a camera with augmented reality, support for OLED screens, new standards for wireless connections (Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ad), HDR support and even a fingerprint scanner (Qualcomm demo) . If we analyze this list, all this leads us to the premium version of the iPhone in 2017. Peppercorns are added to this situationpatent disagreements between Qualcomm and Apple, which are still in an active stage, without explicit prospects for an armistice. Answer Apple will be able to today. Do you think she will succeed?


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