PRIV Setup Wizard.


PRIV Setup Wizard


Welcome Screen

  • Choose the language and region in accordance with your geographical location.

Network Connectivity

  • Insert your SIM card, if you do not have a SIM card present select and tap Skip.
  • Enter in your Wi-Fi credentials. If you do not know the correct username and password contact your administrator, or Internet Service Provider.
  • You can skip WI-FI setup if you have successfully connected to a cellular network.
  • Once connected to Wi-Fi or a Mobile network the setup will automatically proceed to the next step.

Software Updates

  • If any software updates are appearing for your device, proceed to download and install them accordingly.
  • Note: If software updates or additional downloads are required additional costs could be seen.

Tap and Go

  • If you would like to transfer content from a previous Android to your new PRIV, turn on NFC, put the devices back to back until you hear a tone and decide which content you would like to copy over (NFC is on by default on the PRIV).
  • If no Google Accounts are being imported from the previous device to your new PRIV, you will need to either log in using an existing Google/Gmail account, use the email account provided by your IT administrator or create one to finish the Setup Wizard
  • Once you have entered in the email address and password for your account, tap the accept button to the bottom right

App & Data cloud restore

  • If you backed up your previous android device to the Google Cloud with the google/gmail account used to log in, you will be presented with a list of backups from different restoration points. Note: If this list of backups fills the entire screen then you may not be able to click Done or Cancel after tapping one of the backups on the list.
  • There are currently two methods for this:
  • Tap slightly above “Done


  • Rotate the device to landscape mode and Tap either Cancel or Done

=>Note: Either of these two workarounds will enable you to continue with the Setup Wizard

Protect your Phone

  • Here you will be prompted to set up either a password, pin, pattern or picture to protect your PRIV smartphone when the screen is locked.
  • Set screen lock to your preference of choice (password, pint, etc…) or in accordance with your IT administrator’s policies or tap Skip if you prefer to not lock your smartphone with a password

Google Services

  • Here you will be prompted to accept the Google Services agreement and decide which Google Services you would like to run on the smartphone.

BlackBerry Agreement

  • Next you will be prompted to accept the BlackBerry Solution License Agreement. If you wish to read the agreement in full, you can access it via this URL
  • Upon clicking Next, you will be prompted with a dialog box with three hyperlinks where you can choose to read these agreements in full. These hyperlinks are for the Privacy Policy, Warranty Information and the Safety Information.

BlackBerry Insider

  • If you wish to receive the latest and greatest news from BlackBerry before the public does, sign up to our BlackBerry Insider program. If not, tap Skip.


  • If you wish to help BlackBerry improve its software experience for the end-user, feel free to opt-in to send BlackBerry automatic diagnostics on the device when something goes wrong. If you do not wish to opt-in for this, tap No Thanks and then tap Next.

Content Transfer

  • Have content to transfer from your previous BlackBerry? Go to to find out more about this feature.

Help Application

  • The BlackBerry Help application enables you to find information about the smartphone or instructs you how to configure basic and some advanced settings.
  • Once you’ve finished the Setup Wizard, tap the Next button and you’ll be brought to PRIV home screen.


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