Press Photo Alcatel 1X, 3, 3C, 3X, 3V, 5: from the budget to the flagship


A well-known leak searcher @evleaks published a press photo of six unannounced smart phones Alcatel. These are the models 1X, 3, 3C, 3X, 3V and 5, which, apparently, will be presented early next year. The simplest among them is 1X – with a plastic casing and without a fingerprint scanner. All models of the Alcatel 3 series, apparently, are metal. The older models 3V and 3X can see dual cameras, but the simplified 3C is devoid of even a fingerprint scanner. Than 3X differs from 3V, clearly not to the end, but it seems 3V is larger. As for Alcatel 5, it is a “tripartite frameless”, in which not the upper but the lower indentation is minimized. Apparently, this is the flagship of Alcatel beginning of 2018.

Alcatel 1X, 3, 3C, 3X, 3V, 5


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