Palm will Resume Smartphones Production in 2018


Company TCL, in late 2014, bought the rights to the brand Palm, intends to release new smartphones under this legendary brand early next year. About this TCL marketing manager Stefan Straight spoke in an interview with reporters of the Dutch site Android Planet. He did not specify which devices will be released, but promised that they will be rather advanced devices. In addition, he said that TCL will release an updated version of the Palm Pilot – a communicator, from which in 1996 the history of Palm began.

Palm pilot
Thus, TCL will already have four brands of smartphones (TCL, Alcatel, BlackBerry and Palm). The company is trying to divide them into different target audiences: BlackBerry continues to play in the business segment, Alcatel is making smartphones for millenials, and Palm is targeting adults who are waiting for the smartphone from the latest technologies.
Recall, Palm Computing emerged in the nineties as a division of US Robotics. The company released PDA and communicators based on its own Palm OS operating system. In 2000 Palm became a separate company, after which it experienced an intricate series of mergers and divisions. After the release of the iPhone, the company released the operating system webOS, which received a lot of praise, but for some reason it did not become popular. Soon after this, Palm was experiencing difficulties and was bought by HP, which in 2011 closed both the direction of smartphones and the webOS project (it was sold by LG).


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