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Oukitel K10 equipped with 11,000 mAh battery: Review, Spec and Price

The Oukitel K10 is the latest Oukitel operating time champion device . During the test, it was soon discovered that a huge battery-powered device would be virtually impossible to dissipate in one day. There are also many new features in the new Oukitel model. Sit back and release while You enjoy reading our full review on Oukitel K10.

The Oukitel products so far mostly stuffed the running time, if we look to producing enough, there are almost only cell phones beginning with Ks. The largest of these are the 10,000 mAh or above battery models. The Oukitel K10000 , with its 10,000 mAh battery, was released in 2015, which is nowhere too much sought after due to its weaker hardware. In the summer of 2017, the model was updated with the K10000 Proand in October, an IP68-protected strap phone was also available for the Oukitel K10000 Max. 

Oukitel K10

If you look at the current market, you do not have to face too many opponents with the new Oukitel model. Even half a year earlier, Oukitel’s models were the only ones that were equipped with extreme battery capacity. At the end of the year, the situation changed a bit, as Doogee also came to the battle line with the BL starting lineup (Doogee BL5000 and Doogee BL7000). The K10 is mainly threatened by this latter two models, although judging by preliminary tests, Oukitel does not have to fear it.

By comparison, I made a table in which I collected the main features of the operating champions: 

Oukitel K10 Competitors

From the table above, it is clear that the DooGee BL12000 Pro is hardware closest to the K10. However, it is worth noting that some foreign tests revealed that the battery capacity of the Doogee model does not even match the 12,000 mAh described in the features. But I’m not going to go into it if you can get me a BL12000 Pro in the future, then I’ll come back to this problem.

External Body and Desing

The Oukitel K10 is a black, top-square, approx. four centimeters in height, in a sufficiently thick, strong box. At the top is just a K10, and on the two edges of the box there is an Oukitel silvery inscription.

In addition to the phone, there are two small paper sketches, which include the usual things: AC adapter, instruction manual, SIM needle, glass foil, USB cable, OTG cable and Type-C – 3.5mm Jack converter. The silicone case was already basically mounted on the device. 

Oukitel K10 body

The device is, at first glance, a remarkable piece of work, and this is extremely true. The weight of 300 grams and the size of 167 x 78 x 13.5 millimeters is remarkable and on the other hand it can be deterrent to many. It is a fact that in the summer, wearing shorts, it will be quite uncomfortable for him to wear. But the big battery and the huge display compromise.

We can not complain about material use, and assembly is excellent. The frame is mostly made of metal and plastic, and the back is made of leather or leather, the manufacturer is made of calfskin, straight from Australia.

For those who have the extra strain on the strap court, we recommend the Oukitel K10000 Max, which is also of a large size, which is waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. 

The bulk of the front panel is occupied by a 6-inch screen with a 18: 9 aspect ratio, with a glass plate in front of it. In the upper part, you will find various sensors (metering, proximity sensors), notification LEDs, speech loudspeakers, two front-panel cameras and their accompanying LED lights. Underneath the display, there are no physical or capacitive buttons, only a 1-1.5 cm black frame will occupy the space. The left and right sides of the display do not have a large cage, but because of the rounded design, the phone extends at least half a centimeter in both parts of the screen.

The back is a special design, leather / leather material delivers a pleasant grip, while the camera and fingerprint reader are housed in an exquisite, slightly weird plastic part. The double LED auxiliary light did not touch the bulging section, the left side was occupied.

The volume and power buttons on the right side of K10 are on the left and the SIM and MicroSD mount on the left. Unfortunately, if you have to accept two SIM cards for your mobile, if you want to expand your storage space, one of the locations here (as in most models) should be down. Although it’s a fact that 64 GB of internal storage is not enough, so maybe you will not even need a card for most of us. It receives two SIM cards from the SIM card, both in Nano size.

In the lower part, there are speakers with excellent volume, a universal USB Type-C connector and a speech microphone. In the upper part, in vain, look for the 3.5mm Jack connector, we will not find it, so the Type-Cs converter solution remains, of which we naturally supplied the manufacturer with us.


The price of Oukitel K10 is not low, it is about 70 to 75,000 forints when writing an article, so it has to stop in the middle. As I wrote above, there really is not too much competition, since such a special feature is so much the battery that so far the other manufacturers have not seen much potential. The K10 has received the latest mid-range MediaTek system chips, the 8-core Helio P23 , which is only a few small things from the Helio P20, P25 SoC, which was announced last year. The P23 also has 8 ARM-A53 processors, 4 of which are lower and 4 are higher (up to 2 GHz).

The main difference is in the graphical controller: while the ARM Mali-T880 used in the Helio P20 and P25 is based on the previous MidGard architecture, the ARM-Mali T71 , found in P23, is the first BitFrost architecture’s first GPU. With the same performance, it is nearly 20% more efficient than its predecessor, and supports 120Hz refresh, which will benefit VR content. Who cares more about the construction of the new ARM processor. 

Oukitel K10 benchmark

There is no shortage of internal memory, probably most users will not be using 6 GB. We get 64GB of storage, but for those who do not have enough, you can expand it with a MicroSD card. It’s good to see that the 6 GB memory and the 64/128 GB storage space will be slow and slow in the middle category, but the UFS flash storage can be missing from the currently available high-end mobile phones.

The front panel display has been mentioned above, it does not have much surprises. The 18: 9, 1080×2160 pixel resolution, elongated IPS display almost fills the entire front panel, has a strong brightness, daytime and outdoors. Its viewing angles, thanks to the IPS panel, are excellent. I did not think the factory color settings were the best, and the cold colors were predominant. Those who do not come in so much, including me, in the settings, find MiraVision where you can individually adjust the contrast, saturation, sharpness and color temperature. 

Sensors include accelerometers, proximity sensors, compasses, gyroscopes, and magnetic hall sensors. Using the Sensor Box application, only the temperature and pressure sensor remain inactive. The fingerprint reader on the back cover works well, after the lightning-fast calibration, in most cases, the device has been unplugged. 
In addition to the fingerprint reader, Security also includes Face Lock and Smart Lock options.
Face detection, that is, our face, works well in the open air or in the daylight, but I do not consider it safe. I used it as a novelty for the first day of use. But in the twilight, in the evening or in the room, it did not work properly, did not, or did not recognize the previously recorded face. 
Plus, as soon as I set up Face Lock, the system cleared the fingerprint reader. And it removed not only the option, but the imprint recorded before, so it could start from the front. Maybe a later upgrade will improve this. 


Oukitel launches the K10 with Android 7.1 operating system. Of course, the software engineers are not overwhelmed by the modified green robot software. There are plenty of supplies from the Google Software Suite and AOSP-based applications, but fortunately they can be disabled in System Manager, Freezing Room. With the operation and speed of the system I was totally satisfied, I did not encounter any errors. 

Oukitel K10  software

The system has built-in a lot of useful features such as mute translation, Home key double-touch screen turns off, call reception and start-up is possible by raising the ear or by dialing a fingerprint sensor. One hand mode is also a very good and frequently used option. Of course, today’s fashionable face-lifting is an integral part of the system, but its operation is quite unique. There is no problem with the speed and accuracy of the resolution, but it can not be used together with the fingerprint protection because it deletes the set fingerprint patterns. Use a fingerprint sensor with a safer 8/10 hit rate. There is, of course, the Hungarian language, only the extra menu items lack the localization, but that does not have to be surprising.

Network and Communication

The phone is well-tested for the support of mobile networks, it can connect to most 2G, 3G, 4G networks. At the frequency support list list level:

  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 3G: UMTS 900/2100 MHz
  • 4G: LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz

There was no problem with the conversations, the hands-free speaker was loud enough. At phone calls, both sides understood the speech, though why it would be different for a phone. 

Wi-Fi networks are familiar with 802 a / b / g / n at 2.4 or 5 GHz. The strength of the antenna is adequate, though one ac of support could have been included in the price.

The K10’s navigation capabilities are very good, satellites are quickly found and well maintained. Accuracy can not be a complaint, while driving in the city, it was not wrong in the adjacent narrow, parallel streets, tall buildings, and cloudy weather.

Operation Batteru life and Charging

Time We have arrived at Oukitel K10’s strongest point of time. Under the back of the device there is an 11,000 mAh battery under the description, which is huge. And fortunately not only in the mass of the phone but also in the operating time. So far , Oukitel K6000 Plus , with Oukitel’s 6000mAh rechargeable battery, has also achieved the best results , but the K10 far exceeds this.

The battery was charged for the first time when it was completely discharged, through a USB tester, which reached 100% It showed 8000 mAh. This is less than 3000 mAh in the description but may be a problem with the tester. In any case, I repeat the charge test again and I will improve the article if a change is made.

With the factory charger, in a surprisingly fast way, in a matter of about two and a half hours, the huge energy source was loaded.

In any case, the latest Oukitel model of operating time has been used to test all previous devices. I run the standard PCMark Battery Benchmark program at medium brightness and the result was terribly good: from 100% to 20%, it took 24 hours and 32 minutes . If you counted this up to 0%, you’d get a little more than 30 hours of running time, yes 30 hours, well read!

In addition to this, I also started a 1080p movie with mid-brightness with endless playback, which K10 played for almost 32 hours . No performance, it looks like you do not currently have a competitor to the Oukitel K10 for running time.


The Oukitel K10 wins where it must win: in operating time. The primary targets of the Ks series Oukitel phones are people who do not want to spend their mobile every day, and they do not even want to bother with external batteries. There is nothing to tell, Oukitel has created a phone with the best operating time on the market, which is only confirmed by the data in the table above.

Along with these, we get a modern look and strong hardware that can stand in place even without the big battery. The software works well, I have not experienced frost during use, the eight-core Helio P23 works smoothly, and 6 GB of memory is enough for anything.

Against the K10, the quality of the camera (should be) raised, which in vain is double sensory, in vain 21Mp, yet underperforms more than one competitor. For the disadvantages I would still have a heavy and large enclosure, but this is exactly the result of the strength of the phone. Those who want extreme driving time will have to accept it.

Unfortunately, the Far East producer is unfortunately not famous for its support, as is demonstrated by the fact that its newly-released model has not been upgraded since January (with a different vendor for more than one month, at least after the release). Based on the experience of recent years, it is almost certain that Android 8 will not be coming to K10.


Oukitel K10 is available at price tag of $300, that’s about ₦100,000 – ₦120,000. Oukitel GearBest Store is currently available in the cheapest, 276.99 dollars. 



  • Model: K10
  • Released: 09 January, 2018
  • Status: Available


  • Network Technology: GSM / WCDMA / LTE
  • 3G Support: Yes
  • 4G Support: Yes
  • Number of SIM Card: 2 (Nano)
  • Dual SIM Support: Yes
  • Dual SIM type: Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano + Nano/microSD), Dual Standby


  • Wi-fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • USB: Type-C USB v2.0 with OTG, Charging and Mass Storage Function
  • GPS: Yes, with A-GPS, GPS, GLONASS
  • NFC: No
  • Headphone Jack: Yes


  • Dimensions: 4608×3456 Pixels
  • Color: Gold, Black


  • Type: IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Size: 6-inch
  • Resolution: 2160×1080 pixels
  • Pixel Density: 402ppi
  • Screen to Body Ratio: 87%


  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Processor: Octa-Core 2.0GHz
  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio P23 MTK6763
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T880 MP2


  • Card slot: Yes, up to 128GB
  • Internal: 64GB, 6GB RAM


  • Rear Camera: 16MP + 0.3MP
  • Image: 4608 x 3456 Pixels
  • Video: 1080p@30fps
  • Flash: Yes with Dual-LED Flash
  • Front Camera: 8MP + 03MP ( SW 13MP + 8MP ) Dual Front cameras with Single-LED Flash


  • Wifi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Yes (Back)
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, gravity, ambient light
  • USB: 3.0
  • GPS: Yes
  • 3.5mm jack: Yes


  • Capacity: 11000mAh
  • Standby Time: –
  • Talktime: –
  • Fast Charging: Yes


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