OS 9.2 official release: the phone connected to U disk directly


Mobile News December 9 morning news, Apple today updated the official version of iOS 9.2 for the iPhone, this is a major update, adding some features.

The update file size is about 270MB, iOS 9.2 version has improved Apple Music playlists, songs saved offline; to increase the Mail Drop message function can send large attachments; iBooks started to support 3D Touch; in addition, this update to the iPhone added the “USB Camera Adapter”, it means that by the Apple Lightning Flanagan turn USB data cable, you can directly through the camera or import photos u disk the iPhone (requires at least iPhone 5 or later models).
By this line can lead directly to the iPhone Photo buy this line can lead directly to the iPhone photo

If you’re in a foreign country, you can also experience the NumberSync WiFi calls or News feature in the “top stories.”

Also, iOS 9.2 also fixes a lot of bugs, the update instructions have long 4, the previously troubled suffering from a variety of small users can finally grow breath. For example, when listening to music to take pictures, and then return when the music can not continue to play the problem was eventually resolved.

IPhone users can already now in Settings – General – System updates to see this push, using a mobile wireless update, or phone connected to the computer open iTunes update. But not directly update jailbreak users. Otherwise, the restart time will not start. (Xiaoguang)


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