Officially: the flagship with a finger scanner on the screen will be shown on CES 2018


Today, Synaptics Company has introduced the fingerprint reader Clear ID FS9500, which is able to work through screens. The limitations imposed by the technology used do not allow placing the fingerprint scanner in IPS / LTPS / TN and similar screens using a separate backlight layer – only in OLED / AMOLED matrices. The company claims that the scanner is able to understand when a fingerprint is applied to it instead of a real finger, and it also quietly recognizes wet, dry and cold fingers. In addition, the scanner runs twice as fast as the Face ID.

Phone with a finger scanner on the screen
But the technical specifications of the fingerprint scanner to the general public are of little interest. Much more interesting, when will finally appear mass smartphones with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. In this regard, Synaptics is extremely optimistic: the company’s press release states that this will happen already during the CES 2018 exhibition. What kind of device will receive such a scanner is not reported, but it is claimed that this is a consumer smartphone of the highest class (“Tier 1 customer phone” ). We are waiting for the announcement!


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