October Best and affordable MTN Data Plans

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Are looking for the most reasonable and cheapest MTN Data plans in Nigeria? Working on all Device: Android smartphone, laptop PC, IOS device (Apple), Blackberry Smart Phones, Windows Phones, Smart Watches, Even PSP console and any other internet Browsing device. Then you are currently on the right page.
These Post will features all 2016 current suitable and affordable DATA PLANS for ALL high-end and Smart devices, ( Apple iOS, iPhone, iPad, Androids, Windows phones, Symbian phones, Java phones, PC, modems, or MiFi). Post also covers subscription for heavy downloads, huge social media data, night browsing, weekend plans and other awoof data plans on MTN and also Mtn free browsing for the month of October 2016.
MTN is one of the biggest Telecommunication Company in Nigeria with over 40million active lines. They have the largest subscriber base and the widest network coverage in Nigeria. Today , I’m going to introduce you to mtn data plans and how you can subscribe for them.
Back to the regularly business let’s get straight to the point. Here’s the compilation of Top, Best, Cheapest data plans and also current working free internet browsing for the month of September, October, November, and December on MTN Nigeria.
Here are October 2016 | Subscription codes for Best MTN Data Plans , MTN Blackberry Plan and MTN Android Data Plans.


MTN subs is Not that cheap but it is very affordable and the only joy is that they work on all devices. no matter the type of device, or operating system on it. this plans will still work on it. Although, MTN still don’t get anyway near to be compared to Airtel and Glo data officers. No much talking,

Here we go…

1.) 2016 : MTN Wow Weekend Bundle Plan

MTN WowWeekend. This is the latest Offer from MTN. WowWeekend data bonus will also hit you with free 3.5GB data for free. But Note: it only last for Weekends! MTN Wow Weekend data works on all devices after fully activated. But yes, it is suitable for heavy internet users and down-loaders.

With MTN Wow Weekend, you can subscribe to 100MB for N200 and get 500MB Free data. Subscribe to 750MB for N500 and get free 3.75GB, you can also subscribe to 1.5GB for N1000 and get 7.5GB Free data and also subscribe to 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB free data. MTN really nailed it with this plan! SUBSCRIBE TO MTN WowWeekend Now!

2.) MTN double Offer for 2016

MTN: The only thing that is new about MTN in October is their current double offer promo.
If you buy data of 1.5GB for N1000, you will get extra 1.5GB for free, making it the total of 3GB, if you buy 3.5GB for N2000, you will get extra 3.5GB, making it the total of 7GB, if you buy 10GB for N5000 you will get extra 10GB, making it the total of 20GB etc. It is known as 100% data bonus.
You don’t even need to tweak your IMEI before you get this promo offer. The only thing for you to do, is to put any of your MTN sim card into a newly enable 3G/4G smartphone and you’ll get this

message below…


Welcome to MTN Family � enjoy 100% data bonus for 6months.

With this double data offer, if you buy 3.5GB data for N2000, you’ll be given 7GB for good 6 months.
But if you can not get your hand on any new phone, kindly tweak your IMEI to any new 3G/4G new phones and you are good togo. See how you can tweak your IMEI below.
How to Make Your Line Eligible For this Offer
Tweak you Android IMEI to the any of the below;
  • Just change the last 3 digits from. Better if you change the last 4 digits.
  • Go to this site: http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check/
  • Input any of the 12 digits imei number I have provided above e.g 35660275762
  • Add 3 digits to the already known 12 digits and that will make it 15 digits e.g356602075753072 and validate IMEI
  • If the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. But if the random digit is incorrect it will display IMEI number is not valid! And the valid IMEI will be displayed below it.
Note: If you don’t get the message it means that Imei you tweaked has been used. If you keep trying and it not working for you just contact me and I will send you a working NEW IMEI I HAVE Generated and kept for guys finding it difficult like You.

3.) MTN Night Bundle Plan

MTN night bundle data plan should be your first automatic pick. if you are working on getting a huge amount of files or applications download to your devices or uploaded to the internet.
It offers 1.5GB extra data and 3GB main data making it a total of 4.5GB for NGN2,500. The 1.5GB extra added data works round the clock (24/7) and on all devices.
While the 3GB kicks immediately you exhaust the free added 1.5GB. please Note that the 3gb part works only in the night. Time duration is between 9pm to 6am.
How To subscribe to the MTN Night Bundle plan:
  1. To subscribe to the MTN Night Bundle plan, you need send 2 to 131 or
  2. Dial *102# from your phone’s s USSD menu.
  3. To check data bundle balance, you need send 2 to 131 or use the USSD menu as well.

4.) MTN #25 For 500mb Night Plan 2016

MTN Nigeria has introduced a data plan that gives you access to 500mb for just 25 naira. which means you can get a total of 2GB for 100 Naira. The downloading speeds is super fast, and this is one of my favorite. Duration Time is between (12am to 6am).

How To subscribe to the MTN 25 naira for 500mb:
  1. Migrate to MTN pulse with *406*1#
  2. Recharge your MTN sim then go to your Message and Send Night to 131
  3. If the activation was Successfully, You will receive message from MTN that your have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing
  4. This plan can be use from the Hr of 12:00am To Hr of 4:00am [Note: You can’t renew until the next day]

5.) List of all other MTN Cheapest Data Bundle Plans

The plan tagged MTN 500% deal zone lets you get access to a whooping 700MB for NGN500, 1.3GB for NGN1,000 and 3.75GB for NGN2000. MTN Data Bundle has been up and doing for a couple of Month now and still very active as at the Time am editing this post October 2016.
It came from the usual MTN surprise channel and has proven to be a great deal so far as the data bundle is not divided into day and night like their previous 4.5GB at NGN2,500 smartphone data offer.
The table below has all details for the new data plan:
Data Allocation Amount Validity USSD CODE
MTN 30MB    N100     24Hrs 104 to 131
MTN 100MB  N200   24Hrs 113 to 131
MTN 750MB  N500   7 Days 103 to I31
MTN 1.5GB    N1000   30 Days 106 to 131
MTN 3.5GB    N2,000  30 Days 110 to 131
MTN 10GB     N5,000   30 Days) 116 to 131
MTN 22GB     N10,000     30 days 117 to 131
6.) MTN Free 150MB Game+ GM Cheat
This is just like the MTN music plus but this one is called gameplus. You can power all apps and browsers on your phone just the way it’s done on musicplus.
  1. Launch any of the Psiphon handlers
  2. Use these settings…
  3. Tick “remove port”
  4. Proxy type – real host
  5. Proxy server – game.mtnonline.com
  6. Real Proxy server –
  7. Real Proxy type – inject
  8. Host address
  9. Port 8080
  10. tap on save
  11. Now tap on “option”
  12. And select…
  13. Region : United States or United Kindom
  14. Still on the option page, look down you will see more options at the left hand side
  15. Just tap on it and tick “connect through an HTTP”
  16. tick on “Use system network setting”
  17. Finally, go back to Psiphon homepage and tap on “connect”
See full detals here: Mtn Game Plus
7.) MTN Life Plus Plan Free Browsing Cheat
This “MTN lifeplus free browsing” trick was discovered recently in 2016 ant it is seen as an alternative to MTN
  1. Get your mtn sim card
  2. DIAL *460*6#
8.) MTN Music Plus Cheat
Is MTN music plus still working?
  1. To get FREE MTN music plus 150mb, send MUSIC to 5900
  2. Psiphon Music Plus Settings
  3. Proxy type – real host
  4. Proxy server – musicplus.mtnonline.com/touch/index.html#index-page
  5. Real Proxy server –
  6. Real Proxy type – inject
  7. Host address
  8. Port 8080
  9. Now go to options
  10. Region : Japan
  11. still under option, click on more option
  12. Tick connect through HTTP
  13. Go back to the app psiphon menu.
  14. Save and Connect
  15. To check your MTN music plus data balance dial *559*2#
 Get details here: mtn music plus
9.) MTN Jumapp Cheat
This is a Jumia cheat for All Mtn users.
  1. Open your Psiphon handler
  2. Under Proxy type select ‘‘real host”
  3. Under Proxy server: jumia.com.ng
  4. Then leave the others and save.
  5. Then click on Option => More option. Under “proxy settings”’ check the “connect through an HTTP Proxy” box.
  6. Mark Use the following settings
  7. Host Address:
  8. Port: 8080
  9. Now hit on Connect! 


That all FOR NOW. complete list of all October to December 2016 cheap and best Internet subscription for mtn Nigeria Internet service provider.

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