New Technology: REDMOND manage Home remotely and click channels


The company REDMOND was one of the first in the world to produce a line of smart home appliances. It includes kettles, heaters and a host of other home devices with the ability to remotely control – via Bluetooth or over the Internet. Having successfully mastered this direction, REDMOND decided to go further and issue some additional devices for a smart home. These devices are much smaller in size and less noticeable, but they are no less important in everyday life. Just like in a song full of mischief about law enforcement officers: “our service … at first sight seems not to be visible.” Today we will talk about four new devices REDMOND, which will help to endow your house, apartment, cottage or even a mansion with a serious “charge” of intelligence.


Let’s start, perhaps, with the so-called Skyport – it’s like an intelligent socket, but not quite, because the functions of the REDMOND SkyPort RSP-121S are much larger. What is the essence of the device? It is inserted into a regular outlet, and household appliances are connected to the power grid via the skype. Due to this, the user can at any time apply/cut off the supply of energy to household appliances. For example, turn off the iron.

Or turn on the heater so that the apartment is warm to return from work. And children can be blocked access to the TV so that they do not watch TV shows, and teach lessons. More than 30 types of home appliances have preset with different settings, including scheduled work. Let’s say that the same heater is automatically turned on an hour before you return home, or “warmed up” the dacha for your arrival.
Another important feature of REDMOND SkyPort RSP-121S is the ability to work with REDMOND sensors. A typical example: we connect the lamp through the skype, which interacts with the reed switch REDMOND. As a result, the light will light up only when someone enters the room by opening the door with the sensor installed.
You can control the technology connected via REDMOND SkyPort RSP-121S, via Bluetooth within the apartment or on the Internet from anywhere in the world. In the latter case, the second novelty – the center of the smart house REDMOND SkyCenter 11S. Previously, as it was: for remote (any point of the world where there is the Internet) management smart technology REDMOND used a home smartphone gateway. 
He lay on his shelf, collected data on Bluetooth from the equipment and sent them to your main smartphone on the Internet. In the opposite direction, he broadcast the commands. The disadvantages of such a campaign are obvious: the need to buy a home smartphone on Android, to make sure that it does not seem buggy and that it does not discharge the battery. So REDMOND SkyCenter 11S is an elegant solution to this problem: a miniature device is inserted into the outlet, connects to the home Wi-Fi network and acts as a relay of information between your smartphone and home-based smart home appliances REDMOND.

Going back a bit, we note that the REDMOND SkyPort RSP-121S has an analog in a slightly different form factor – REDMOND SkyPort RSP-123S. This is a smart plug that can be soldered to a particular device instead of the standard one. Yes, a less universal option than REDMOND SkyPort RSP-121S, but it is there, and we can not mention it. Otherwise, the REDMOND SkyPort RSP-123S features the same features, including the work with sensors. 

Well, the last, the fourth device, allows you to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control. An attractive option, because today’s infrared ports are available in a very small number of smartphones – a pair of Philips models, a pair of Xiaomi models and several older Samsung devices. REDMOND SkyControl 21S solves the issue of having a bunch of consoles in the house and constant confusion with them: connect the REDMOND device to the outlet, and to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Everything: with the help of the application REDMOND you can control TVs, air conditioners, players and other equipment with IR interface.

The prices for the devices are approximately the following: skaypurs – about 35.05 United States Dollar (USD). the center of a smart house and a device for converting smartphones into consoles – about 25.05 United States Dollar (USD). I think, quite reasonable prices for equipment that can turn a house into an intelligent one. It is clear that to complete the conversion will need other devices REDMOND, but you can start with the novelties.


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