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Irancell telecommunications company MTN, is in the field of mobile network service providers. It operates Iran’s second largest 2G-3G-4G-4.5G mobile broadband network, and fixed TD-LTE internet services. The company’s joint venture in 2006 with MTN Group (49%) and Iran Electronics Industries (51%) were launched in Iran.

MTN Irancell

MTN Irancell in fiscal year of 1392 with revenue of 4.9 billion dollars is at number 32 on the list of largest companies of Iran. Currently, MTN Group holds a 49% percent stake in MTN Irancell consortium, Iran Electronic Industries (SAIRAN) and the Foundation’s Islamic Revolution Iran Electronic Development Company hold the other 51% of MTN Irancell shares to be allocated.On December 3, 2014, Irancell officially launched Iran’s first 4G LTE network in nine cities.

The License was granted as on a national basis and includes the overall geographical coverage of Iran.Within a short time after being granted the license, Irancell was able to complete the network operation and roll-out and started test launch of its network on 28 August 2006 (some 9 months after being granted the license). Irancell network was officially launched on 21 October 2006 in Tehran, Tabriz and Mashhad. The network provides the subscribers with an advanced generation of GSM system to enable them get use of EDGE (2.75 G)


In line with implementation of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan of Iran and for realization of Article 124 of the same, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology held a tender for the Second Operator in September/October 2003 with the aim of developing communications and telecommunications through privatization and foreign investment.

This attempt was made to encourage foreign investment, facilitate participation of the local private sector, promote competition, ensure healthy competition, minimize government involvement, monitor the tariffs and services quality and protect the consumers’ rights.

After completing the tender formalities and reviewing the bids, MICT announced Irancell consortium as the winner of the tender for the second operator on 16 February 2004. Once the Law on Authorization of License Agreement for Mobile and Network Serviceswas approved by the Parliament as well as the Guardian Council and the License Fee was paid by Irancell on 25 October 2005, Irancell was granted the Mobile Communications Network and Services (GSM) License by MICT on 27 November 2005. 

It is noteworthy that the License is valid nationwide and it has been granted for full geographical coverage. Within a short time after obtaining the License, Irancell managed to complete the network operation and roll-out. Therefore, it started pilot launch of its network on 28 August 2006, only 9 months after obtaining the License. Finally, Irancell network was officially launched on 21 October 2006 in Tehran, Tabriz and Mashhad.

Engaging experienced local and international experts, Irancell managed to develop its network within a short time and provide quality services nationwide based on the international standards. Irancell network provides its subscribers with an advanced generation of GSM system to enjoy the benefits of EDGE (2.75 G). Enhanced Data GSM Evolution (EDGE), an advanced GPRS generation, enables Irancell subscribers to have access to Internet and other similar high speed networks through their handsets in order to send and receive big size voice, image and text messages.

In line with the development of market share, products and services, Irancell participated in the tender for WiMAX services and managed to receive its License on 28 February 2009. Currently, high speed WiMAX Internet with bandwidth between 128 kbps to 2 mbps is available in 29 cities.

On 05 August 2014 Irancell succeeded in acquiring the License for the pilot launch of 3G and 4G mobile Internet and a short while after that 3G and 4G were commercially launched nationwide on 26 August 2014. Bases on this License, Irancell can provide its subscribers with the most extensive and the fastest mobile Internet. MTN Irancell managed to obtain the National TD-LTE License on 26 August 2015 for the first time in Iran, following which the geographical and technological restrictions of WiMAX License were removed.


As Iran’s second operator, Irancell Telecommunications Services Company has successfully enhanced its infrastructures during the past years and was proud to receive the following licenses from the Communications Regulatory Authority, progressing towards the ultimate goal of providing more efficient services to its subscribers.

MTN Irancell Licenses

MTN Irancell Licenses

MTN Irancell Licenses


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