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MTN 25 Naira for 500mb – Get Full Details & Review with Experience

The Battle still continue… Believe me it’s really Getting harder between Nigeria Telecommunication network provider’s. (MTN GLO ETISALAT AIRTEL NTEL AND OTHERS).

mtn 25 naira night plan

There has been a serious data plan competition among internet service providers in Nigeria, as the Network that provides Best and Cheapest Data Plans get the largest figure of active users.

We all know how MTN losses large amount of subscribers to GLO after the cancelation of BBlite on Vpns.

And Every average Nigeria have to move to the next better offer which was GLO 3GB BLACKBERRY PLAN FOR #1000, which can be used on any device by changing the IMEI to a that of BlackBerry. and people later moved to Airtel better offer.

This really forced senses into the brains of all Nigeria Internet providers. Now we are getting the best of them, as they are all reviewing their data plans, slashing the plan prices and more MB/GB data allocation and introducing some new data plans. And Here is another greatest night plan offer that really surprised all Nigerians. 

Am always here to provide you with all current latest tips on cheap and free Data plan and call plan on all Nigerian telecommunication network so as to make calls and Internet access simple. Rock it simply and affordability without Stress hardship.


MTN new cheap data plan is the Night Plan at N25 which other network providers have been experimenting with different data rates. The plan is however capped at 500MB per activation. But still it’s just enough especially at #25.

MTN night plan of 500MB for just N25, valid from 12am midnight to 4am every night.

This is a better data plan for those that are fun of streaming, online movie’s, games addicted, PC/System OS and applications updating, Downloading and updating Smartphones apps, download favorite latest music, etc, this is actually a cheap bundle you should go for.

MTN Night data plan is actually suitable for all heavy downloads and for software update, so lets see how it works.

Requirements to activate MTN 25 Naira for 500mb

1.) You most have a registered MTN sim-card before activating this plan so also you have to configure you device with the default MTN configuration settings.

2.) To subscribe just for this MTN Night Plan you have to be on MTN pulse, if you are not on pulse simply migrate to MTN iPulse package.

3.) To Confirm Your current tariff plan follow the below Step:

  1. Dail *123# 
  2. Reply with 1 and on the Next Screen 
  3. Reply with 2

4.) If you are not on pulse simply dial *406# to migrate to MTN iPulse package. Or

  1. Dail *123# 
  2. Reply with 2 
  3. Now reply with 3 
  4. Finally reply with 1 to Confirm your migration to MTN plus.

5.) Now Make sure You have at least 25 Naira on Your airtime balance. Cus this subscription cost #25 per activation.

*Calculations to get exactly 25 naira on your sim has been explained below. So that you don’t give MTN the chance to zap additional Money. And You can get 2GB at exactly 100 Naira.*

How to activate the MTN Midnight Plan for Naira

  1. Ensure that you have a balance of at least N25
  2. Send “Night” to “131” by text
  3. You get a Confirm the activation message sent to your phone. “Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 12:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account.”
  4. Now You can browse and download from 12 am till 4 am
  5. NOTE »»  It is 500mb capped.

Note: It supports both Old and New MTN sim so also supports all devices that can visit the Internet.

There are some other New Cheap MTN Night Data Plans which can give you 1GB for 200 naira, 2.5Gb for 500 naira and 5GB for 1000 naira starts 9Pm to 6AM daily.

How to Subscribe to the MTN 1GB for N200, 2.5GB for N500 and 5GB for N1000 – Night Plan

If You want to get a better browsing experience withwithout the 500mb restrictions problemproblems then this plans will be a better one for You.
it is suitable for Heavy and Huge Downloads Below are the Data Bundle and How to Activate the MTN Night Plan!

1. 1gb for 200 Naira (9pm to 6am)

2. 2.5Gb for 500 Naira (9pm to 6am)

3. 5Gb for 1000 Naira (9pm to 6am).

To Activate this MTN 1GB, 2.5GB, And 5GB Night Plan,

  1. Just dial *198# 
  2.  tick 2 
  3. then 8, 
  4. MTN Night Plan List will be displayed on your screen, 
  5. just recharge and subscribe.




How to Get 2GB at exactly 100 Naira

» Get a Base SIM card. And get other extra mtn sim-cards you can get as many as possible depending on how many You can Blast with this given FOUR HOURS 12-4.

» BASE SIM »»» Your main sim {make sure it’s not on Better Talk… you will not be allowed to transfer}

» OTHER SIMS »»» sims you will be using to subscribe. {most be on mtn puls}

» NOW the Base sim will sever as your main money Reservoir. This is where you will load your recharge card. Maybe 100 Box.

» Make sure you always or already have #50 on your base sim, so you get total sum of 150 naira on your sim.

» Now transferring 75 naira to one of the other sim you have gotten to use for the night subscription. And then send/transfer 50 naira back to Your Base sim.

» Repeat this steps on each of the Sims and You will have exactly #25 on each sim card’s. Which is the exact amount for mtn 500mb night sub.
You Should now be able to get 2GB at exactly #100.


I GOT this trick from one of well known commenter and very active reader of this Blog and it worked once for ME. BUT didn’t boder to test it again since i now have more than enough sims. So please feel free to try, it might have start working again as at the time you are reading this POST

To renew the 500mb night plan, simply send BT to 131. It will say you have migrated to mtn better talk but don’t worry, just dial *406*1# to migrate back to mtn pulse (migration is free). Now send night to 131 . You will get an activation message just like the above screenshot. That’s it guys, it’s working well

How Can I Use MTN Night Plan Any Time I wish To

Do this to use Mtn Night Subscription After 6am

This Is Very Simple and It does Not require any Techniqal Idea but Term and Condition Is Applied.

All You Have To Do Is to connect with Your PC before 6:00 AM, Keep on Browsing till Past 6:00AM Then You are Free To Browse Without MTN Restriction.
WARNING: You Must Not Disconnent Your Modem once You Do That You wouldn’t get chance To connect again till 9:00PM for another new Sub.

How to Check MTN Night Plan Balance 

The Only option I Know and do use for now is checking may Data usage for this Night.

So If you have any better means for checking the 25 naira for 500mb night plan, Please kindly drop it in the comment section.

Q: How can I check mtn 25 for 500mb night plan balance.?

Answer provided: To check Your mtn 25 naira night plan balance simply  dail *556*9# and your balance is displayed.

Conclusion Words From Author

MTN subscribers have been enjoying more and more cheaper call rates and internet data plan this Month and still we are hoping for the best in the upcoming months.

The current one is the newly introduced MTN Start Park which gives you 500% bonus on every recharge for 6 Months. Which I will write a Review with people Experience on, in the next article.

MTN Nigeria is actually becoming the biggest company in this competition has since unveiled new cheap data plans and revisited its old data plans prices and data allocation

Recently there has been a serious data plan competition by internet service providers in Nigeria as they are all reviewing their data plans and introducing new data plans like this new MTN Night plan for just 25 naira.

Few weeks back, MTN dropped varieties of codes for new data plans they just introduced which make everybody thrill that the giant network provider is back to the competition, we have saw the likes of network provider such has Airtel and Glo having cheap Data.

Now its MTN turn, has they introduced #25 for 500mb via midnight has part of there cheap data plan they introduced which is timed to start from 12am to 4am each night.

My Experience/Yours:

I have been using this for quite some days Now, I use this plan for serious and huge file update and download,  in fact I recently Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 which was close to 6GB. 
I noticed when it’s exactly 3:30am the subscription STOP’s instead of 4:00am they advertised. Do you noticed that? 
I used this same night plan which It’s like it’s the Best option for Now!!!

But Still I personally think it would have been Better,  If the timing was 12AM to 6AM. 

What Do You Think About This New MTN Night Plan? 


I will drop Tutorial, Review and Experience on New released Airtel version of the 25 for 500MB and N50 for 1.5 GB (12am to 5pm) in the next post. Keep visiting «« OG »»



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