Mock iPhone X Plus with 6.5 “screen next to iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus


Despite the fact that the next generation iPhone will be announced almost a year later, there is already information that it will be presented by three models, the oldest of which will receive a much larger display than it is now, but retaining the design. Conditionally this device is called iPhone X Plus? While we all wonder how realistic the existence of this gadget is, the craftsmen created its layout and compared it with the current favorites – the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus (well, or one of its predecessors, the dimensions are comparable). As you can see in the photos below, the dimensions of the iPhone X Plus with 6.5 “panel are comparable to the” oldskud “-device, quite a bit higher than its height (with a diagonal difference of 1”) .As for the iPhone X, the background of a potential older brother looks roughly the same as the iPhone 8 next to the iPhone 8 Plus.The third model with a 6.1 “LCD screen will fit into the case with the iPhone 8 Plus, so we have virtually the whole trio of future novelties. this will be confirmed.

iPhone X Plus, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X Plus


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