MediaTek does not want to team up with Broadcom

Despite the fact that the Singapore Broadcom has failed with the purchase of Qualcomm for reasons beyond the control of the parties, the company does not abandon attempts to engage in competition in the mobile hardware market. The web has information that Broadcom is aiming to purchase MediaTek, No. 2 on the market today. 


However, MediaTek itself is against this idea, as one of the representatives of the management stated, complaining about the still strong position of the company in the market of mobile devices. Meanwhile, Qualcomm executives adhered to a similar position, but Broadcom can convince. Especially now MediaTek shares are experiencing a period of decline, and the manufacturer last year was forced to abandon the development of the flagship line Helio X. 
Potentially Broadcom is also interested in acquiring Intel, but in this case, the deal may be affected by the fate of the agreement with Qualcomm. Much will depend on the state of affairs in the MediaTek itself, so it remains to be watched.


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