LiberiOS – the first Jailbreak for iPhone X and iPhone 8 with iOS 11


The next hole in the iOS security system allowed hackers to make the first version of Jailbreak for smartphones with iOS 11, including the newfangled iPhone X. Its name is LiberiOS, and the author is Jonathan Levine. Support for all 64-bit Apple processors is claimed, that is, Jailbreak works on all iPhones from the iPhone 5S version to the iPhone X, but iOS 11 is not newer than 11.1.2, which no longer has a digital signature (rollback is not required). 

In addition, LiberiOS is unleashed (untethered), that is, it will fly off after a reboot, and the Cydia application store and the Substrate interface tweaking tool do not work with iOS 11, so there is no special benefit for users. The LiberiOS page is located here.. 

Remember that you carry out all the manipulations at your own peril and risk.


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