LG switches to MLCD display for the LG G7


LG will probably not use a P-OLED display for the upcoming LG G7 flagship. The manufacturer will probably switch to the new MLCD panels. The new LCD technology from LG is 35% more efficient.

This weekend the Korean newspaper, The Investor, headlines that LG no longer uses OLED for its upcoming flagship. We still call this flagship LG G7, but LG has already announced a name change. The report sources of the South Korean newspaper that chooses LG LCD related cost savings, and given the poor sales of the OLED-equipped iPhone X.


LG G7 with MLCD screen

If you were looking for a flagship last year, then the choice of OLED panels was noticeable. Almost every premium flagship is equipped with an OLED display. That display technique is also better than the LCD technique and has some advantages. The big disadvantage is the availability and also the price. Last year LG went for the LG V30 flagship to P-OLED. However, the Investor sources expect that the manufacturer will now opt for LCD. They believe that the LG G7 will be equipped with a large edge-to-edge MLCD panel. The MLCD technology is 35% more energy-efficient than the traditional LCD and offers more clarity.

The biggest reason why LG goes back to LCD is, of course, cost saving. The brand wants to put the successor of the LG G6 on the market with an attractive price. Since people did not choose massively for the OLED iPhone X, the manufacturer probably expects that the choice for the cheaper LCD can not have any major drawbacks.

LG G7 specifications

In 2016, LG launched the LG G6 a little too early. The premium device was richly equipped but had a relatively slow Snapdragon 821 processor in a market where the Snapdragon 835 was already available. There, LG is no longer kicking, and the upcoming flagship will certainly be equipped with the fast Snapdragon 845 processor. The new octa-core processor from Qualcomm is the fastest of the moment. You get at least 4 GB of memory with a large amount of storage capacity. Probably also this LG flagship MIL-STD-810G and IP68 certified. The camera equipment is, of course, improves over the LG V30.

According to the latest rumors (via Ice Universe a Weibo tasty), the flagship has two 16 megapixels optically stabilized main cameras. One is called an aperture of f / 1.6 aperture while the other has an f / 2.0 aperture. According to Ice Universe, you can also expect an optically stabilized selfie camera. That promises excellent selfies from the LG G7.


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