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iTube is a less fancy Spotify. iTube, a free audio and video downloader for Android users, is available as a free app. You need the internet to add a song to your playlist and listen to it without the internet. And you can turn your phone off when listening, too. iTube isn’t just audio, though. It’s not audio. It’s music videos, but you can use it as Audio.

iTube also has a section where you can see the top 100 and different genres. Just like iTunes. iTube is the future of free music download.


  • Top 100 lists: If your music preference trends toward popular radio, then the Top 100 lists feature will be perfect for you.
  • These playlists change daily but provide you with an updated playlist of all the best hits of today.
  • Clean interface: The interface is very clear and easy to navigate. It is very reminiscent of the interface in the standard YouTube app, so you don’t need to waste time learning how to navigate through a completely new system.
  • Anyone who has used an iPhone and other apps in the past should have no problem jumping right in and using it.
  • Custom playlists: It’s easy to create custom playlists because of the limitless options available on YouTube.


  • Data-heavy: Trying to use this app without a Wi-Fi connection is not a very good idea.
  • The amount of data it uses up is very high, and if you don’t have an unlimited data plan you will watch your bill leap up quickly.
  • People without unlimited data should use an offline app with the music stored locally instead of trying to stream through YouTube.

Bottom Line

If you’re often connected to a Wi-Fi signal and like to listen to the most current music, then this app is a great option. You’ve got the pre-made Top 100 lists and can build custom playlists, so your listening options are endless.

YouTube Downloader and Background Player

How to install:

  1. On your device, go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources (press OK).
  2. Search the internet for a Direct Download
  3. Then follow link to download: iTube muzik app
  4. After downloading, scroll down the notification bar and select itube.apk
  5. Add songs to your own folders


I’m not sure about the rest of you, but a lot of the time, you think, ‘what if the music was free.’ You probably don’t think it that much, actually, but I know you’ll like this app. Music these days does cost a lot. iTunes is useful, but it’s not cost practical. Hear a nice song on the radio? Be prepared to spend 1.16 to 2.79 (that’s in Australia). It simply is too much.

iTube makes it easy to download any audiovisual YouTube content you like and view it in endless mode, even if you don’t have an internet connection. It does not display any intrusive advertisements and can play media in the background.

You may also be hearing of maybe, LimeWire, ‘free music download,’ ‘YouTube to mp3’, and more. But you’ll realize that’s all complicated, overrated, and a waste of time. Not iTube. ITube says all it is is a ‘playlist manager.’ That’s probably some cheap little antic to fool Apple. iTube Muzik is free music, and free music quickly.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sure, it has ads, but it’s a free app. What more do you expect? I recommend you download it immediately. You can’t buy albums, but the mainstream iPhone music listener doesn’t buy albums, do they? They buy individual songs.

On a note not defended by myself, iTube’s interface isn’t exactly perfect. Of course, the usual user of this app would not care, but being an app critic, I think the developers could put in a bit more work. Conspiracies may stir here, though. Maybe they prefer to do this because of not want to catch Apple’s attention? The interface and user-friendliness are not pitch-perfect, but most definitely useable and probably do not matter to the average iPhone user.

This application is what I have been waiting for, and even if you haven’t been waiting for it, I’ll know you’ll love it. Free music, maybe not at its best, but it’s still free music. iTube.

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